Boys will be boys… and that means lots of stupid, stupidly awesome.

Daily lives of High School boys is a simple slice-of-life commedy that follows the mis-adventures and antics of three friends in all boys-school. Tadakuni, Hidenori, and Yoshitake.
Tadakuni (Black-haired fellow) plays the straight man of the group and is often taken in for rides by the other two. Hidenori (Brown-harded glasses-kun) plays the “serious, knowledgable senpai” of the group, though much of that is always in debate. And finally Yoshitake (blonde hairded fellow), well I’m not sure what role he plays, but he seems to start quite a bit more of the stupidity than the others and at times he plays the role of the guy out of the loop.

At its core, I think Daily Lives of High School Boys is a show about growing up and all the stupid little adventures on the path to becoming “men.”  This seems like Wheeler level garble, but that’s my honest opinion at this point. It’s always nice to discover a new favorite and anime continues to surprise me each season with enjoyable things to watch, DLoHSB is definitely one of them and for the laugh-out loud comedy, I’d recommend everyone give the first episode a try, it may surprise you (it has quickly become my favorite commedy of the season).

I think this sums up my reactions to most of the skits.