Yep, I went there, Ponies. Don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about how cute Fluttershy is, nor am I going to discuss my views on politics and religion in Equestria (that is a subject for another post I’m keeping in my pocket to put up during sick days). I am going to discuss finding my ‘equal’. In other words, I’m going to talk about, what I, as a man, desire in a wife. This is my absolute favorite pony picture, so far anyway.

First, if you are so inclined, I would like you to read:

It’s a well written story, in fact, there is very little that define it as ‘pony’, beyond the characters. If you read it, you will find romance, intrigue and a host of other things. The plot: The businesspony, Fancy Pants has finally arrived on the Canterlot business scene and is making a splash. He makes great early success, as well as several rivals. He is betrayed by the mare he loved, then his business takes a great hit due to her using his secrets against him. He later pulls himself together after meeting Fleur De Lis, another businesspony and rival to Fancy Pants. Fancy Pants saves her from disgrace and they begin working together, eventually marrying. Lastly, Fancy Pants, Fleur and several of their allies prevent one final attempt by the pair’s enemies to permanently disgrace them, becoming the core of a vibrant new elite.

One of the things that made me think was that Fancy Pants didn’t ‘fall in love’ in some whirlwind romance, with Fleur. Rather, she was his equal and more than business rival. She was that worthy opponent one could fight. Unlike Lavender Rose (one of his rivals) or Silver Snake (a villainous blackmailer from Fleur’s past), Fleur could play on the same field, by the same rules. This is something I can appreciate. Another aspect was that Fancy Pants is a CONSUMATE Gentleman (pony). I can appreciate a gentlman, pony or otherwise. It is my ultimate goal to be a gentleman. However, I am not entirely sure that I can achieve this lofty goal. I want, I DREAM of having that title. That worthy mention that means that I’m worth talking to because of my honor and education.

One of the things I constantly struggle with is that I don’t really have an equal. What I mean by that is that very few combine the multitude of things that make me up. My good friend, Ash, is entirely my better at most internet things, anime, manga and a small host of other things. My sister is my superior at biology and has better official training in Biblical matters. My Father is one of the greatest masters of computer and Bible (combined) that lives. My friend Shaka is actually completing a novel, something I envy. I find all these people around me to be, at some point have greater skills than I do, but they do not have skills I also have. I cannot, for example discuss the significance of the causes of the Populist Party with many people. My father could possibly discuss, but everyone else seems to be more of a different thing, which is good and challenging, but I have yet to find a proper EQUAL.

I’m not looking for some narcissistic fem-Xewleer. I’m looking for someone who is something more. A pretty face is lovely, but what about something that can improve me and I can be the same. I think, however, that I am not ready. Not that I’m comparing myself to a fictional pony. I’m really trying to teach myself gentility and various manners and Chivalry. I think I’m old fashioned, but I don’t thinks that bad. I hope that some day I’ll find a worthy mate, and she’ll find a worthy mate. that’s how it should be.

Chivalry is not dead while I live, so to say. Good parting words.