Admittedly, beyond the name ‘High School Girl’ this doesn’t have much bearing on the story I’m about to talk about. It’s by Masateru who is on Deviant art. Give that art a checking up!

So I’m writing a novel length thing for the last 2 years or so called the ‘Utan Migration Wars’. What it’s about doesn’t bear much on this post, just several of the characters. This story I’m talking about would be a series of prequel chapters.


Lay Zeto has been chosen to be the first wife of the Emperor of Cameo. She has accepted, but must go through the travails of a noble finishing school. She’s not met with friends, as the ‘first wife’ spot was heavily contested by all the eligible young ladies. There, she finds that the Emperor has sent allies to protect her, Brutander and his gang. Brutander is the son of Brundt Liser, and they are known as loyal allies of the Emperor.

Lay finds that an old Tea Ceremony rival, Sook-Hee has also been sent there, and she isn’t too happy about it. Soon, it’s Lay, Brutander and their scant allies against nearly the entire school, and Lay doesn’t feel like she is ready for the intrigues of court, if she can’t even last a single semester at Lord Hoggers school for Nobles!


Lay Zeto: Lay is a Tea Ceremony master from a humble family in Cameo. After their deaths, she was adopted by a noble family, who wanted to use her skills for their benefit. She made an ally with Brundt Liser, who introduced her to the Emperor. She eventually fell in love with him, but has a hard time accepting what she will eventually become. She is of a nervous disposition, but is slowly maturing into the woman who will become Emperor Zeto’s Empress.

Brutander Liser: From a minor noble family, he and his father are intricately tied to Camean politics. Unfortunately, he’s been sidelined and sent to the school ahead of Lay, who was anticipated to accept the Emperor even before she knew. He’s been trained by the greatest elfin masters and has giant blood in him, which causes him to stand at an easy eight feet. He’s become the chief Delinquent at the school, which suits him just fine.

Li Uloi: Heir of the Uloi family of Cameo, and a minor noble in his own right, he is the best friend of Brutander. He’s a big picture kind of guy who likes to relax, but needs that action that a trouble maker like Brutander can conjure up. He’s the smartest of the delinquents, often acing tests with a minimum of studying. He’s also an ally of Lay, though less fervently than Brutander. He’s a master bowman as well as a musician, playing for his own amusement and to sooth the tempers of the hot-heads around him.

Lieder Briscolletti: One of the ‘head students’ of the school, he’s the heir to the Briscoletti throne in Jaedinar, and he figures that a woman like Lay would ruin his plans for the Blood Meridian, a pro-human organization he helps run. He’s teamed up with Sook-hee to ruin Lay and to fight Brutander, who is immune to his charm and his influence. He’s got all the teachers under his palm and most of the students as well. His father, when told about this, just said it was good practice.

Sook-Hee: A former Tea Ceremony Master who was disgraced after it was discovered that she had set up the entire scandal involving Lay. She was exiled from the Tea Ceremony circles and sent to Lord Hoggers school for nobles. She’s not lost any of her vindictiveness, and continually plots Lay’s downfall. She’s got a sister compex with Yun-hee, who constantly pushes her to better herself, and feels that Lay separated them. She’s currently trying to move in on Lieder, to seduce him.

Cassandra Lao: a noblewoman who has a deep connection with Brutander. She’s an aspiring doctor who will likely be forced to run a hospital, rather than merely work there. She’s a very old friend of Brutander and Li, but is very cold to everyone else. Rumor has it that she’s already advanced enough to perform surgery, and has experimented on Brutander, causing his scars. She’s distrustful of others, like Lay, but helps her out for Brutander’s sake. Sometimes, she and Brutander can be found smoking together on the roof of the school.

XaioPing:  a young nobleman who rides with Brutander. He’s a creepy guy and one of the captains of the martial arts club. A loyal follower of Brutander, he’s quick to please him, and often acts as their black market connection. He fancies himself a ladies man, but has yet to get even one date, due to his gangly body and thin face. Rumor has it that he drove his nurse mad as a child.

Jen: Another of Brutander cohorts, she’s a quiet mouse of a girl who hides a deep love of the gristly and terrible tales of ancient monsters. She’s very friendly with Brutander and the gang, taking to Lay immediately, but anti-social otherwise. She refuses to play along with many of the teachers ploys to turn her into a proper woman, and has yet to accept any of the arranged marriages set up for her.