Welcome to another edition of Post Script. This time, I’ll chime in abit on Global Game Jam, which is an annual indie game development event that happens around the world.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the Global Game Jam in St.Louis. It was grueling event that lasted over 32 hours over a period of 3 days. The task? grab a team and make a game. I first heard about Game Jam last Fall when I started getting into Video Game Fundamentals, but hadn’t really seriously considered attending until Mid-January.

Dave Derington, my mentor and an extremely knowledgeable individual game me the push I needed and thus my journey was on. I actually wanted to set up a team pre-Jam, but that didn’t turn out well and I ended up going to the event blind.

At the event, we had a few special messages from some very high-end people in the industry (Will Wright to name one) and then we proceeded to divided into various “brainstorm” groups. At around the thirty minute mark, people then pitched their ideas to everyone and we further divided into whatever groups along with the ideas we supported the most.

I joined up with a puzzler group, mainly because the idea seemed simple AND actually completable within the 3 day period. After a short hiatus, we had a team 4. The artist, programmer, team leader, and me. I decided to play the wild card, that way I could help the team with whatever area we slacked in most.

Over the course of the next 3 days, we progressed through the grueling task of building the game, which we named “Immortal Coil.” I got to know my team members better and we all seemed to get along, about the half-way point on Friday, we actually got another programmer to join us and so I was tasked with helping with the art.

The days progressed pretty rapidly and thanks to our hosts (mainly IDC Projects, UMSL, Simutronics, and Riot Games) we were kept well fed. At the end of the project we all presented our finished products and I didn’t think ours turned out well at all. I’d like to blame the Lead, as he made some poor critical decisions that brought the quality of our game down (cutting the music out). And our 2nd programmer didn’t do nearly as much work as our first, actually I did more work than our other artist did. Nuances aside, I think the team I had was overall very great and we ended up networking quite a bit.

Check out Immortal Coil here: http://www.stlgamejam.com/?page_id=1100

I’m actually thinking of entering game development because of this and am currently in the process of figuring more stuff out. My favorite game at the event is most likely He Who Ages, though Together Forever got alot of attention because the 12 man group advertised like crazy.