This man isn’t the greatest teacher yet, but some day, he will.

Well, Great Teacher Onizuka is over. A show with great moments. A show with funny characters. A show with laughs. A show with drama. A show with the most awesome teacher on earth. It is a ‘complete’ show.

Perhaps the reason I enjoyed it is that it’s about a man trying to do the right thing in the end. Perhaps the great strength of GTO is that the characters grow. They deal with their issues. They change as the series progresses. Onizuka and the vice-principal seem to be the only ones who are ‘themselves’, and even the Vice Principal forgets every once in a while.

I think that the characters are one of the strongest points in the series. There’s Murai, a young man with a young mother and is continuously ticked off. There’s Miyabi, a very headstrong girl with a grudge and a dark past. There’s the ditz Tomoko, who aspires to be an actress. There’s Kikuchi, the calm and level headed leader of the boys. There’s Urumi, a brilliant young woman who lacks morals but desires to be fine with herself. There’s Yoshikawa, a wimp who turns into a man.

Those are just the students, the teachers are fewer in number, but all very distinct. GTO himself leads the cast. He’s a do-gooder with a violent past, but a heart of gold. There’s Fuyutsuki, a shy teacher who may have feelings for Onizuka. There’s the Principal, who is the big good and is a woman of great character. There is the Vice-Principal, who is a little perverted, but very loyal to the students, his family, his school and his beautiful, ill-fated Cresta.

I greatly enjoyed the series. The interactions with the characters and between them. For some reason Tomoko can be made to bark like a dog in Urumi’s presence. Murai is far to protective of his mother and constantly suspicious of Onizuka. Nobura is hopelessly in love with Anko, though she abuses him. Onizuka constantly looking for chicks, but can’t seem to realize that Fuyutsuki is beginning to have feeling for him.

I would watch this series again, but later. It’s something to be watched every couple of years. I’d recommend it to any hotblooded lover of Shonen series. I’d also recommend it to college age students as well, especially if they are going to become a teacher. Lifes too short to worry about anything beyond your actions. Life life to the fullest! I think that’s the great lesson of GTO.