Biomega Wall 1 Kanoe Zouoichi by Cluesev, a good fan made picture, dark and brooding, representative of Nihei’s style. If you are familiar with the NFWP, this is what the King of Greasers may look like. (Helmet is universal to all of them)

One of the greatest inspirations, both in story and in art, is the manga artist known as Tsutomu Nihei. He is easily one of the most unique artists I know of, in the school of HR Giger. You may know his work in the Alien movies. The technology looks like it GROWS something a bit timeless.

Look at that, the tech is like a plant, it’s growing around her. There is a symmetry to it, while it looks a little dirty and out of control, like we’ve lost control over it. It’s its own thing. I like that. I kind of imagine the oldest cities in the world have places like this. Mindless and old, sort of growing and aging without a damn about the rest of the world. It’s own thing. There’s something alien and terrible about it.

This sort of thing inspires me as it’s strangely close to how what few dreams I remember turn out. The technology is living, which fits into my philosophies on technology. While I cannot say I’m truly great at anything artistic, I have a strong sense of what I like and what I think is good. It’s personal taste. Maybe someday I’ll write a better article on this some day. Maybe I’ve written one, just forgotten.

Either way. If you liked either picture, look up the artists and enjoy!