Watch this trailer so you may understand why this movie should be watched by all!

Arietty is likely going to be one of my favorite Ghibli films, next to Porco Rosso and Nausicca. They are all masterfully made and worth watching. There’s something about them that makes my heart soar, my mouth has a smile and I feel GREAT!

First off, the art is fantastical!

THIS IS A BED! Oh my goodness this is a bed! just look at the dang thing! It’s beautifully done and expounding on the levels of art! It’s crazy the sheer skill that went into it. That’s the entire movie right there, all the art and time that went into it pays off when the audience sees this and is literally nailed to their seats.


Arrietty again. She’s a cute and earnest character. She’s very honest about herself and her feelings, something that she obviously gets from her mother. From her father she acquires bravery and courage, the quiet, non-bragging kind. In this manner she is very nice to watch. She’s from the same vein as Sophie and Haru (this one from the Cat Returns). Brave women who often have to fight battles that they’d rather avoid, but also have to mature along the way. Arrietty is the most ‘small -scale’ of the three, but we are still dragged into it.

The World of Arrietty is much larger than she is. I couldn’t find any good pictures of scale for now. One of the treats is the use of various sizes and ‘camera’ angles. The borrowers, even in their own houses, seem much much smaller than the humans. The humans themselves seem very large in their own houses. Often the artists use small objects and details to enhance the size of the humans.

Homily, the mother, Pod, the Father and Arrietty preparing for her first ‘borrowing’. The characters of the mother and father are very well done. The father is very competent and very strong in his own way. He married Homily, she’s quite the worry wart, but very faithful in her own way. They are happy, though lonely. Most of the borrowers who had lived around them have died, disappeared or moved away. It’s not so much the loneliness as it is the fact that they are settled in that keeps them there.

Shaun and the cat

Shaun, the romanization of ‘Sho’, is the main human of the movie. He’s an ally of the borrowers but is limited by the heart disease he suffers from. He’s often seen staying slow and peaceful, and the few times he has to run, he’s seen grasping his chest and having issues with his body. It also defines him, he knows he can likely die, and this comes out in a couple speeches to Arrietty. Hes a bit depressing and fatalistic, but kindhearted.

The villain of the story is Haru, the housekeeper. She’s an older lady (likely one of the best of the voice actors) and very excitable. She decides to capture one of the Borrowers (Homily), and use them to prove to everyone she’s not crazy. Funnily enough, the people who she works for believe her (but don’t tell her) and value her work.

That’s about it for the characters and my review. All in all, a truly great movie. I hope that people go to see this movie while it is still in theatres.