Hello again! Today I’m doing another one of these The World posts, the topic is a bit different than normal. Yes it’s another story arc, but this time around the idea is still very much concept.

Xanatos;Deception is the 3rd in the Xanatos series (Possibility and Rebellion being the first two) and it tells the story of a John something, the something being, I haven’t thought of the last name yet. Possibility and Rebellion were easier in that they dealt with a John Smith and John Titor respectively. This post however isn’t involving John’s story, it involves a character I will refer to as 2nd (john = 1st). 2nd is currently a placeholder, but for now she is a girl and her story is in the Realm of Reflection (hence the story titled as 2nd’s Reflection). Each of these “worlds” is a plain that houses one of the nine pieces of Liselotte Corvina’s soul. Liselotte, in short, was an ancient witch of great power that sought to destroy the order of The World. She was defeated when Senne, her cousin and person whom she loved, joined with 8 others to seal her for eternity. The price they paid however, was to gain a faux immortality and to become trapped in their own realms.

2nd’s realm is of course watched over by one of the Nine Saints, Aerith Ethernal. I’m not exactly sure what to do with 2nd’s story just yet, but the idea is that she will have experienced a traumatic incident in her past (fire?) and she is saved by this young man. Well fast forward years later, she stumbles upon someone who looks like the young man and she proceeds to try and learn more about him. This is kind of a false love, because her interest in him only stems from the fact that he looks like what she thinks the young man from the past looked like. Though the ages of the two men make this an impossible conclusion (the man in the present is also a young man).

Eventually she gains something called the “Thread of Reflection,” the man knows about it and he helps 2nd to control it. This leads to a few adventures and her feelings for him growing. Things seem to be going smoothly until the man is called back to his main families household with the girl. It turns out that the man is member of an “Old Family.” 2nd is surprised to find this out and the head of the household, Aerith , is rather displeased with man. She accuses him of using the thread to begin a rebellion and he is placed in captivity. 2nd protests but to no avail, Aerith wants 2nd to work under her and use the thread for the sake of the main family. 2nd refuses adamently and Aerith decides to make a deal with her.

She is given two days to master the thread, if she can’t she will be obedient, but if she manages Aerith will absolve the man of all his crimes, 2nd agrees. That night 2nd hears a voice deep inside of her, the voice changes into a vision. 2nd sees a girl in the vision, the girl introduces herself as REL and she is the  soul of the thread. If 2nd will make a pact to bind their souls, REL will allow 2nd to become her master. 2nd remembering the man’s gentleface agrees and a pact is formed, a beam of light rises ot the sky and Aerith gazes up, a serious look on her face.

The next day, 2nd shows to Aerith that she has mastered the thread. Aerith sighs and agrees to release the man. 2nd goes to the man and he thanks her for believing him. 2nd confesses to him and jsut as he is about to refuse her, she says that she meant to say she loved his smile. He thanks her for liking his smile and smiles back at her. 2nd leaves the room, tears in her eyes as she closes the door.

Aerith calls the man in and she warns him that just because he was forgiven doesn’t mean his past sins will disappear from her memory. Before leaving, the man tells her that a sinner is forever a sinner, even if he is forgiven. He meets up with 2nd and she tries to run away, embarrassed. But he grabs her hand and wraps a cloth around it, telling her its a little protection charm, a gift to her for liking his smile. He hopes the charm will protect her, because she’s important to him. 2nd blushes, still confused as he had technically refused her the day before. He hands her a letter and tells her that he hopes that Aerith will truly forgive him with this letter. Happy that he trusts her to deliver this letter, 2nd places it in her pocket and hugs the man before going to deliver it.

2nd enters Aerith’s chambers and asks for a private moment. Aerith surprised that 2nd is speaking in a respectful tone decides to accompany 2nd to the garden alone. At the garden, 2nd hands Aerith the letter and Aerith reads it before ripping it apart. 2nd yells at her for ripping the letter as blood-like entities appear around them. 2nd questions this and Aerith explains to her that the letter had a blood summoning ritual on it, but these lesser beings are no problem for her. Aerith dispatches the beast easily, but the protection charm on 2nd’s wrist falls onto the ground and a seal is written on it that activates. Suddenly the man appears ontop of the protection seal and he binds Aerith with a spell. 2nd, confused asks the man what this all means, the man demands that Aerith reveals the location of “Reflection’s Seal” or he will “unravel the thread.” Aerith glares at 2nd and reluctantly agrees. The man turns to 2nd and gives her a gentle smile, thanking her before disappearing with Aerith.

REL appears beside 2nd and tells her that she has to hurry or they will be too late. 2nd follows REL’s directions and they lead her to an underground chamber, in the chamber she sees Aerith and the man beside a giant red orb. The man steps up to open the seal, but Aerith suddenly breaks her binds and summons chains to bind him. 2nd calls out to him and he tells her to help him, Aerith tells her to stay out of this. 2nd yells out that she doesn’t understand and the man tells her it’s revenge, revenge because Aerith killed his wife. Aerith summons chains to bind 2nd, but REL appears and 2nd blacks out.

2nd opens her eyes and she seems to be seeing the past. REL is beside her, but she doesn’t say anything. In the past, the man is beside this woman, memories of their love fill 2nd’s mind and she tears up realizing how much he loved her. Then further on, the man is shocked when he learns that the “Thread of Reflection” has chosen his love as its next bearer. Aerith, looking the same as she does now, apologizes to him and tells him that the seal must be kept, it is the duty of the Old Family. The girl happily accepts and the man looks at her with a saddened look.

That night the man asks the girl to leave, run away from it all. But she tells him that it is a duty all thread bearers must bear, she gives him a deep kiss and tells him she loves him, tears streaming down her cheek. Her only regret is that she could not give him a child before this all came to pass. The man wallows in his sadness and the next day as the ceremony is set to take place the man tries to kill Aerith to stop the ceremony, but only manages to kill some of her protectors. The rest of them hold him down as he watches his wife become a sacrifice to the seal. Afterwards Aerith banishes him, a fire starts up in the hall and he saves this girl. 2nd recognizes the girl as herself and she looks at REL, who only nods at her.

Back to the present, Aerith asks REL if she’s forgotten her duty, REL’s eyes turn red for a second and Aerith realizes that its too late. She apologizes to REL, but the the man, 2nd, and the REL all need to die today. She summons vast amounts of chains that come from all directions. REL draws all of them to her, creating an opening for 2nd. 2nd runs up to Aerith and stabs her, causing the chains to disappear. REL summons a red blade and hands it to 2nd. The man, now unbound, stands up, just as he is about to say something, he knocks 2nd away and takes a fatal chain into his heart. A weakened Aerith mentions that she should’ve done this years ago, but only spared him at the convincing of his wife. 2nd, going mad takes the blade and runs at Aerith. A voice from the seal belonging to the man’s former wife tells her to stop, but 2nd doesn’t hear. As she draws closer to Aerith with the blade, 2nd and REL’s souls and likeness seem to merge.

As the voice finally reaches 2nd’s ears, she cries out in a maddening cry of sadness and stabs Aerith. The world around them begins to shatter and 2nd merges with REL.

Well that was quite a draft, I know I originally didn’t plan to write much, but I actually kept adding more as I was writing this post. The point of Deception is that each of the original saints are keepers of their world. A seal is there to sacrifice threads to. The threads are beings that can kill the keepers, so they must be sacrificed to the seal every time they appear. The threads seem to have a soul of their own (the part of Liselotte’s soul that was sealed), they were originally good but became corrupted overtime (the red eyes that REL had). Don’t have many names figured out at this point and think a few things will be retconned before everything is said and done. But basically REL/Liselotte’s 2nd soul piece, tricks the thread bearer to kill the warden.