Boneshaker, one of the top Steampunk Novels

If you want to know what Steampunk is, don’t look for a description here. Other people have done it better than I could and here is one such place:

If you are interested in Novels, here’s some: Cherie Priests ‘Clockwork Century’: Set in America, mostly during the civil war: Boneshaker is a good place to start. Dreadnought is my favorite, has a steampunk-western feel.¬†Ganymede, which I haven’t read, but am looking forward to.

  Another good series is the Steamwork Consortium novel: Arcadia Snips and the Steamwork Consortium, all humor and cleverly written.

Movie wise there are the new Sherlock  Holmes movies (surprisingly so!) and, of all things, Wild Wild West (terrible, but funny)

There’s a very short and lacklustre post about steampunk. Tomorrow, I shall write something worthwhile.