Another week, another post. Back again with another segment on The World, the fantasy project me and Xewleer have been working on and off on since 2004~ish. Today’s topic is a little short story that is in an extremely early development stage (trying very hard to not make this another essay like last weeks) and actually I haven’t quite worked out much of it at all.

So Vahlia’s promise stars the titular character, Vahlia ( likeness shown above? perhaps), and her lover, Kuroe. The thing is that Kuroe is actually a DEAD IMMORTAL, i.e. a being akin to a fallen angel in our own world, and he’s been imprisoned for thousands of years in an area known as THE BOOKSHELF. The reason for the caps is also important, as The World is technically set in a server and is sorta made to be like a game, basically words in all caps are considered system level keywords that have special meaning to the planet (server). That whole bit is quite complicated, but generally think of everything being set on some computer server and words in all caps mean something to the server.

Back to the story, Vahlia Rune is a girl living around 6 BC (Before Calender) and she begins to hear Kuroe’s voice in her head. Being a young girl at the time, she didn’t think of herself as having hysteria, but instead she befriends him. During this time period, Vahlia’s mother, who has always been quite sickly, falls into a deeper illness and Kuroe offers a contract to her. Contracts in this world are very powerful things and often open up miraculous possibilities.

The contract that Kuroe proposes is that he will save her mother, but she will forever belong to him. (probably has to do with my obsession with girls that grow to love the beast-archetype characters) Anyways, Vahlia’s mother is her whole world, so she makes the contract and her mother is saved from death. This doesn’t really change much, as a few years later her mother dies during a great famine anyways. Vahlia doesn’t feel any resentment toward Kuroe for any of this however, as she has matured enough to understand the fragility of mortality.

I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to proceed next, but the emphasis is that Vahlia’s contract with Kuroe, will make her die and be reborn multiple times. During each of her lifetime’s she never has any romantic or sexual relationships with anyone and always rediscovers and falls in love with Kuroe. I think the main article of the contract is that she stays a “virgin” (i.e. that whole pure thing that is commonly portrayed) for Kuroe in each lifetime and always ends up falling in love with him, before dying. This cycle of death and rebirth continues until the modern era, where I plan to have Kuroe escape from THE BOOKSHELF, save Vahlia, have her fall for him, and then redeem himself from his DEAD IMMORTAL curse.

That’s what I got, not sure when, if ever, the whole story will be complete, but I really wanted another redemption story (previous one involved Narsha, which I may or may not write about here) involving a DEAD IMMORTAL and I thought that one involving a reincarnations would be interesting and add a bit of flavor.