Well, I’ll talk about my three favorite champions: Nasus, Xerath and Nautilus. The game is League of Legends. Ten people are divided into 2 teams

First off, there’s Nasus. (That’s the dreadknight skin, it’s the coolest of the skins)

Nasus is just very awesome. Every time he kills something with his first ability, it gets stronger. He has a slowing move that’s the strongest in the game. He’s got an area of affect attack that reduces armor, allowing me to hit harder. His ultimate powers up everything and makes me a one-man army capable of killing people with a backhand. He just looks tough and is tough. He’s a bruiser that, as long he isn’t shut down early in the game, he’ll will DESTROY everything in his path.

My accomplishments: Destroying turrets one on one. Killing the entire team (they were very weak at the time). Winning a game by charging into the base and killing the ‘flag’. Killing a dragon.

Fun fact: He’s considered to have the best voice in the game. Seriously, listen. [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWr8TAMQXdY%5D it’s a PURR.


Xerath is the long range champion of the game. He’s got a first attack that can strike far beyond his line of site (twice the radius!). He can turn himself into a siege-tank, doubling the range.  His third attack can become a stun if I can hit the target again. His last attack? It’s a kill sat, he literally calls down an attack from the sky and zaps someone. Like the first attack, the kill sat can hit people beyond sight. All in all, he’s Top tier, super powerful and very dangerous.

My accomplishments: Killing people I can’t see. Killed a guy in his own base. Just think about that for a second.

Fun Fact: Did I mention his range? Longest in the game (that isn’t infinite).


Nautilus is another tough guy. He’s got a pull that drags people to him and can drag himself around. Everyone he hits is stuck for a second. His second ability is a shield that also grants you an aoe attack. His third attack is a giant area of effect attack that slows up people in a circle. His greatest attack is a homing depth charge that knocks people up into the air. He can mess up people by just showing up and slowing everyone, damaging everyone and knocking up the most damaging enemy, preventing attacks for several seconds. You can’t even run away from him for very long! Admittedly, you aren’t going to kill many people, but you are going hit everyone!

My accomplishments: Showing up and killing people. Running in, taking massive amounts of damage and helping my team take the victory! Pulling people into towers (killing them). Pulling people into team fights (killing them), pulling people out of their base (killing them)

Fun fact: Sounds like Optimus Prime in a diving bell.

Well I hope you enjoy my thoughts on my favorite LOL characters to play!