A rather short post, but I received a few requests from various people regarding my picks for the next season.

A bigger version linked here.

I apologize for the lack of post this is in advance. The stars are shows I will definitely watch, squares are maybes (likely yes), and red are no at this time.

Out of the stars Fate/Zero S2, Jormungand, Eureka Seven, Is it a Zombie? S2, and Shining Hearts are my favorites. Most of those are based off of light novels, manga, or games I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing and should warrant their top class status. Though I am quite curious on Tasogare, as that one unlike most of my other stars, I am entering that one totally blind.

Out of the squares, I think I’ll enjoy the noitaminA ones , Hyouka, Natsuio, Koi Ken, and Zetman the most. I’m pretty hard set on avoiding the red lines, but might change my mind on shows like Pretty Rhythm (liked the first season, but didn’t finish yet). All in all a strong looking season with plenty of content for everyone.