This has been an enjoyable stroll through the anime world. I find this a character driven show, rather than my usual plot driven fare.

Ash has written a post on Cross Game earlier, and I won’t bore you with a similar post: https://allyouare.wordpress.com/2011/12/28/cross-game-afterword/#more-686 I’ll talk about characters. I did not cry, (except for whitebeard. I cried a RIVER.) but I still felt sad at some things.

The story begins with a soon-to-be dead girl named Wakaba Tsukishima. She’s young and wise beyond her years, leaving a strong impression on the many men interested in her. Kou is the main character, and feels bereaved constantly. I have not lost someone who is too close to me, (Grandma didn’t have the same effect, losing a sister would) but I found their 5-8 year mourn of  her to be a little unreal. Maybe it’s the Christian upbringing that allows me to have a carefree view of death. After all, the people closest to me are Christian, and though I would mourn my loss, I would know that we would meet in Heaven. But this is a meandering rabbit trail I will not continue.

Wakaba Tsukishima inspires Kou and her sister Aoba, and others by association, Akaishi and Nakanishi, namely. Aoba and Kou are in a mutual ‘denial’ relationship, neither willing to admit their feelings.  Azuma is a main character who observes most of the happenings with panache more than anything else he has an interest in Aoba, but cannot succeed and lets it go. Senda is another character who is in the know, but is too much of an idiot to really affect the plot any.

What makes this show unique is the fact that Wakaba drives at least four people into baseball. While baseball is the ‘sport’ of the show and drives many of the plot points. If it were not for her, Kou wouldn’t become the monster he is on the pitchers mound. Akaishi would not become a catcher. Aoba herself wouldn’t understand her feelings for Kou and how to interact with him. Perhaps this is not so much an anime about baseball, as it is about how one person can influence others. I believe the only thing that would change in this anime, if Wakaba lived, is that Kou would end up with her, and that Azuma would get with Aoba.

This is the most gripping thing I have found about this anime.