The main theme of the movie, elegant and worthy of the planetary romance that is John Carter. The movie was likely the best ‘hero’ action film to come out this year, barring a few summer blockbusters, depending on how good Battleship is. This is a movie better than the Hunger Games and is, for me, a day one special edition purchase. Something only Sucker Punch and Tron Legacy have also accomplished.

John Carter, Warlord of Mars is in the Planetary Romance genre of Science Fiction. Usually, a hero/band of heroes arrives on the planet and does daring do and heroic deeds. It is the favored son of Pulp and ‘hero gets the girl’ stories. Two notable examples are Avatar (which is NOT a space opera or Cyperpunk, as some would have you discerning readers believe) and the Space Trilogy by C.S. Lewis (Didn’t know the theologian wrote sci-fi did you? It’s a work of philosophical/sci-fi literary art worth a read).

John Carter is transported to Mars and meets the Tharks. They are a culture of Green Martians ruled by Tars Tarkas, a relatively enlightened ruler for the Green Martians. I believe that the Green Martians may have had some hand in the inspiration for the Klingons. They have a great deal of ‘sanctioned and ruled’ violence and murder. John participates and saves Dejah Thoris, the Princess of Mars, who is the daughter of the Jeddak of the Twin Cities of Helium. Romance comes later.

In the Movie (the book is a little different, certain plot points in the series are sped up into the movie, while others are ignored for time’s sake.) John Carter escapes after Tars Tarkas is forced to kill them for committing taboo in the temple of the goddess Issus. They have some adventures and eventually come to the BEST PART OF THE MOVIE.


Listen to this while you read. John Carter hasn’t been able to commit to the Martian (Helium) plight and fight against the armies of Zodanga and Sab Than. He sees a horde of barbarian Green Martians come to take Dejah Thoris for Matai Shang, the big bad of the Movie. The reason of his reticence is that his wife and child were killed while he was fighting in the Civil War. He can’t commit to romance or fighting, despite his nature towards doing selfless acts of heroism (I say this with no irony, he literally does this, and it’s why I like him. He’s full paragon Shepard, trying to be renegade, here.). He decides to fight the barbarian horde to give Dejah and Sola time to escape. There, he fights the horde, dealing with his sorry of not being able to protect his family. He finally falls unconscious, suffocated by the bodies. It is dramatic, heroic and it was tear inducing. Woola fighting by his side… Ah yes.

John Carter is the best movie so far this year. Arietty gets second place, followed by Hunger Games I believe. Go watch it, you won’t be disappointed.