The trailer. It’s not as bad as John Carter’s, which I didn’t even put up, but it misrepresents the movie.

District 12 is one of the 12 districts that must give up 2 children each as punishment for rebellion. First off, let me say that I disagree with this. It breeds two things, cruelty and hopelessness, both of which are demonstrated by the various districts. One of the best, end scenes, Cato explains his motivation in his desperation. All his bluster and murder was a front for a man without hope. His cruelty was derived from the fact that he had to be the strongest, or there wasn’t any point to being there. It’s deep.

The children are trained to fight and kill each other and to survive. Peeta’s cake mixing means he can make awesome camoflage. Because those two skills are so similar, that they can be applied any time with any resources. I mean, for Peeta’s  (Heh) sake, he can be injured, but still create a massively high quality camoflage with rocks and roots. Not talking about a pile of rocks he hid in but rather, a face mask! Complete with eyelid covers, you know how hard it is to make those? HARD, like we couldn’t make them until the seventies and even then, they were really really expensive. And all they could do was blink.

The children fight and two win because they chose a third option, to suicide rather than let one slay the other. I do not even care about spoilers. Really, it was a mistake to say that 2 from one team could win together. It unbalances whatever the heck they think they had. You see, children are special for any number of reasons, but the biggest reason why you should kidnap the hostages is to prevent rebellion. YOU DON”T DO THIS BY FORCING THEM INTO DEATH MATCHES> It would have been better to have a special school, where they LEARN whatever the government wants. Really, they were short sighted, because every hunger games loser is a martyr.

John Carter was better.