So finally I have decided to go very mainstream (lol) and go with the Full Metal Alchemist Franchise.

I must admit that I was leery at first. I have never cottoned to ‘Alchemy’ much before. I find it as merely the precursor to modern chemistry. Indeed, I can turn lead to gold, but it involves the fusion and fission of atoms and the energy of a thousand suns. This alchemy is more akin to magic as shown in the Dresden Files (which I shall write about sometime in the future). Circle provides magical stability, with an appropriate amount of materials and will, you can do as you please, within reason.

The two main characters who truly matter are Edward and Alphonse. They both have mother issues that culminated with them failing to resurrect her (I believe they resurrected her rotted body) and the loss of Alphonse body which is replaced by binding his soul (somehow, I’m not sure on the rules for this) to a suit of armor. They are on a quest to acquire the Philosophers stone, which may radically upset the ratios for ‘equivalent exchange’ which is arbitrary anyway at best.

Someone has been distributing shards or something or other of it, and they are on the search for them. The two main villains to date are gluttony and lust. They haven’t done much except be nuisances to various people and off the one time baddies. Very mysterious. Two cents says they are connected to the two brothers’ father and he has a hand in creating the off-brand philosopher stones.

The Opening is good, and though the ending is quirky and uniquely animated, I hate the ending animators guts for ever puking the ending out.