A picture of a Shadow Shaman geared for war. I do not know who made this.

Villains of The World come in many different shapes and sizes, but have mostly (roughly 75% by the account of my own stories) have fallen into 3 categories, Shadow (the first of all creation and alien to non-shadows. Arch-fiends of the mortal world and desirous of the Light’s power), Faceless One (A creation of a Fallen Ancestor, they have waged 6 wars on all of the midworld and often tempt to destruction, they desire the world) and Shadow Shamans (Able to manipulate the very powers of the Shadows, they are not their allies, and always work to their own ends.)

Of these, today I shall talk about the Shadow Shamans.

They are powerful and immortal. Unlike the other two categories, they do not have big designs on the world, but rather have smaller goals. Some merely want to exist, others desire immortality and ultimate knowledge. A few just want to have fun. Unfortunately for us, all of those things may conflict with quality of life.

Major Shadow Shamans and descriptions/motivations I’ll keep it to ‘living and famous’ shadow shamans for now.

The Shadow Shaman: The oldest living, remembers the time when the Highblood Fragorl and his Dreadknights were powerful. Unknown motivations as actions are fairly random. Lately participated in the Utan Migration war due to the actions of Erebus Waldren. Disappeared again after.

Dancerin the Shade: A youngish shadow Shaman who was an apprentice of the Shadow Shaman and often works with him. She is notorious for fooling around, and may kill or help you depending on the mood. Like her master, she has no visible goal, but interferes all over the world.

Ravenbeak: A shadow Shaman and apprentice of the deceased Crow Doctor of the Pitch. She has raided the libraries and occult centers of the midworld and even going to Index Liborium to search for the secret of immortality. She tempted and destroyed the Templar Captain Robert the Sword with the option to resurrect his deceased girlfriend.

Highblood Fragorl: Still alive, but location unknown. His goal was to create a utopia using the power of the shadows. He disappeared after Marqius Blackfang and Orphaner Dualshade betrayed him, leaving a great part of his knowledge to Ars Mortica, the famous alchemistand his apprentice, Neophyte Scarlet Flame.

Werret Barck: Famous leader of the Dreadknights during the Column Wars. He fought the 12 Pillars on the side of the evil Navroth and was one of the few generals to survive the war. He died of old age, as he never desired Immortality.

As you can see, they often interact with us normals, causing trouble for us mortals. I think that, what makes them special is that they are not the force of nature that are the Shadows themselves, or the nations conquering monsters that are the Faceless one. They are humans/etc that are given powers that no one should have, making them a little inhuman at the same time. They may be polite or rude, handsome or ugly, but you can look into their eyes and see the spark of a soul. And that makes them different. That makes them terrifying!