A bit pretentious and different colored, but a good representation. It’s time to talk about my novel some more.

Lunarious is a minor, support character to Stellaria’s storyline. He will serve as the teacher of Phelan, her son, as well as the eventual general of the Valkyrie forces in the final battle. Not much of a spoiler, just a so you know. There’s three great rulers of the Valkyries, and he’s the new comer. Unlike Stellaria, who was nobility before she married Belgan (who was older than her by a bit, and died a year or two ago) and Solaris, who has been a king of the Valkyries for quite some time, he rebelled against the both of them, saying that the Central Valkyrie clans could and should not be ruled by either the eastern or western clans.

Lunarious is a thinking man (valkyrie) who is forced to violence. I’ve decided that, as opposed to the sad violence of Stellaria, or the nobility of Solaris, he will be ‘lonely king’. He’s rarely, if ever, had things go his way. He’s been unable to find a suitable partner, and has to satisfy himself by whoring. He’s also had to use a lot more violence than Stellaria and Solaris in ruling his people, though quite a few of them are truly loyal to him. Character-wise, I think he will be very intense and a dirty fighter, but will still talk about high-minded ideals. I think he spends much of his time staring at his hands.

I envision his purpose to be one of the characters forced to go into battle. Stellaria is fighting because she’s dealing with the death of her husband and Solaris is fighting because it is right. Lunarious is fighting because one of the factions tried to kill him, and he knows that if he does not fight too, he’ll be killed for good. He’s also the wise man to Phelan’s inexperienced boy. He’ll talk to Phelan on occasion, imparting in him the things that drove him to create his own nation. He’ll want Phelan to succeed, but never show it.

It took me a long time to get this far with Lunarious’ character Previously, I had thought him to be one of those ‘boisterous but harsh characters’. Then I realized that this won’t suit such a self-made valkyrie. He needs to be dominant and intelligent. With gestures, he can command his Valkyries. He forgives Phelan for his indiscretions, but still punishes him for them. Phelan will grow under him, and by the end, will begin standing on his own.