One of the most underrated members of the Brony music genre, yet she has one of the loveliest sounds I can remember.

There is no small amount of Brony music. Before half way through the first season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, there were dozens of artists and hundred of tracks. I do not doubt that now, over 10,000 tracks. The amount of creativity is astounding. Not all of it is great.

My gripe with certain groups, like the Aviators (look ’em up yourself) sound like Castrato. To those who do not know, Castrato were castrated men who served the Roman Catholic Church as singers. They had a very high voice, before they died out. Here’s an example.


Now they aren’t that high, but it’s still pretty up there. The exceptions to this unfortunate rule is Wooden Toaster and Mic the Microphone. They’re famous works include Rainbow Factory and Nightmare Night.


The instrumental and remixes I’ve seen I’ve got no few complaints and none worth mentioning. Scarlett Peace, on the other hand, is a measure of grace in a quiet chaotic world. I’ve never been so entranced by a voice before.


It’s… so lovely.