It is time to talk of the creation of worlds.

Once all was chaos and the world was formless.

When the Light came upon it, it cried out for purpose, for life.

The Light was surprised, no world had called for life before. It paused and considered.

The songs began. The Light separated itself from the darkness in great movements of stringed instruments. Drums beat out the foundation and the core of the planet. The waters were summoned by the brass and the air by the woodwinds. When the orchestra was completed, there was only life left to make.

The plants and the animals were cast from the elements and given life through dubstep. It’s righteous beat mimicked the heart beats of all living creatures.

The World asked for one more boon, sentient life.

The Light considered it, and from the darkness cast forth the Shadows in a fury of Jazz.

They were pleased to exist, but asked why the Light did not create them in Its own image?

I am not like you are, this World has asked for you, and I have given you great powers over it. Populate it! Spread and multiply!

The Light created still more sentients. The First Born were created from Metal. The Elves were cast from Ska. The Goblins from Blues. The Valkyries from Cello Rock. The Dwarven Peoples from bells. Merr from Baroque. The Humans from Disco. Others It created too, too numerous to mention, and all were lovely in Its sight.

The World rejoiced and blessed the Light for what It had done. The Light was pleased.

The Shadows, already jealous for the planet, complained to the Light. “Why did You create us if You were going to create the rest of them?”

The Light replied. “I mean for you to be the leaders of the peoples I have made. You are to guide them and to help them. You are unto me, closer than any other set of beings. Be happy I have given you this responsibility! There is honor here for you.”

But the Shadows became dissatisfied and they murmured.  Then, they began to do their own will and torment the younger species they were to protect. They weakened the foundations of the world in their rebellion. They forged their own music, gathered from the remaining chaos in the far reaches of reality. The Light had no choice.

Just as the shadows were going to eradicate the world, the Light sacrificed a part of itself to destroy the greater part of the shadow’s power.

Weakened, they seeped into the cracks they made in reality.

The World cried out in pain, and the Light took compassion on it and began to sing anew.

The World was healed and guardians given. The guardians, knowing what caused the shadows to fall, sequestered themselves, monitoring the World and fighting the shadows that remained.

The Light’s brilliance, diminished by the sacrifice It had made for the sentient races, returned brighter than before, It’s victory complete.

It sang a song to the mortal races, giving some powers to fight the shadows, when they should arise.

The World rejoiced, and the sentients scattered to the winds. There was peace for a time.

The physical World is for the sentient races to populate and build and preserve.

End of the Prelude.