Hello once again, Ash here and my break officially started a few days ago on Friday. I’m planning to take it a bit easy this summer, doing tons of gaming, anime watching, and writing. I have plans to finish the first story arc of Xanatos;Deception by July and I also signed up for a couple of summer classes. Other than that though, I’ll mostly be lazying around (though that doesn’t necessarily translate into me posting more).

Xewleer is currently on his two-week break for his own finals, so you all are mainly stuck with me for awhile. I’m hoping for for at least 3 more posts after this one, so please bear with me. Today I am unveiling our newest section: Weekend Wrap. Think of it as sort of a ramblings of our week with highlights into what we watched and a few other tidbits that are interesting or that we feel strongly about. This type of post is mainly for stuff that changes focus every week, where-as our Afterword/Post Script etc sections are more focussed on one topic.

I actually wanted to make this post on Saturday, but as always happens I lazed it back. Diablo 3 is coming out tonight and I think that I may be spending the next couple days playing it non-stop. So to prevent there from being a full week between posts, I forced myself to post this mess today. In the future, I’ll try to structure the Weekend Wraps a bit more but for now everything is really a trial and error.

I spent most of the last week (my free-time anyways) watching and catching up on anime. I’ll post little snippets of thoughts below and hope it’s a bit readable. I caught up on a few of the season’s shows and started a few older ones I wanted to rewatch.

  • Space Brothers 01-06: actually alot better than I thought, the show is certainly Seinen and the whole even grown-ups can follow their dreams message (well that’s how I interpreted it) struck a cord with me. I’m hoping he ends up with that doctor girl, though it’ll be hard as she sees her father within him.
  • Jormungand 01-05: Continues to be one of my most looked forward to shows everyweek. The animation is a bit wonky, but the source material wasn’t exactly generic manga art either. The story of arms dealers is one of those larger than life things from the modern era that I think really sparks interest within people. So-far I’d say it has been faithful to the manga and though I know what will happen, the execution has been enjoyable.
  • Accel World 01-06: I love the story and the show is certainly high in production values, but I feel it is moving really slow. This is one of those shows where I wished each episode was an hour long. The technical aspects of the setting seem to bog the story telling pace, though it’s needed for the viewer. Call me shallow, but the princess’ reasons for liking the crow isn’t really convincing me at this point. On the subject of Virtual Realities, if one were available I would not hesitate to make it one of my actual “realities.” I’m not content with life the way it is for me (and I realize some of it is my fault), so a reality where I can start anew and the whole world is fresh appeals very much to me.
  • Shining Hearts – Shiawase no Pan 01-05:  At five episodes in the plot has almost not moved at all. I really want this game on the psp, but the anime is not really doing it for me. I keep watching everyweek, but the story seems to not really be moving. I guess I’m watching it for the three female leads everyweek at this point. If the series is only twelve episodes long, as originally thought, then I can’t see them getting anything plot-worthy without it being rushed in during the last half.
  • One Piece 525-547: I’ve finally caught myself back up with the anime. One Piece keeps surprising me at every turn. Oda is a great story teller and his writing combined with the series’ music really brings the emotions in me. I think during those episodes I must have shed tears at least 5 times. I feel that of the Big 3 Shonen titles of the past decade (One Piece, Bleach, and Naruto), One Piece will always come out on top. Oda seems to have really mastered the craft of drawing in viewers and connecting them with the characters and setting, something I don’t think the other two did as well. There’s a reason that Naruto and Bleach are “ending” soon and it’s because they’re missing that storytelling magic that One Piece has.
  • Tenshi na Konamaiki 01-14: A really old show that I watched way back when. The art that this artist does is really rough in my eyes, but there’s something attractive about it. I doubt I’ll post an afterword of this series when I’m done, but I recon at this point it’d be an 3. I find the series enjoyable, but there’s not much redeeming about it to most people, perhaps I’m just really sentimental about it.

Another big thing that occurred, I got back into Gundam action figure collecting. Well collecting is a bad word, since I play with them. Two things sparked this renewed interest within me.

  1. Robot Spirits (or Robot Damanshii) line of action figures is releasing a Leo figure from Gundam Wing. The Robot Spirits line is supposedly a successor to the MSIA (Mobile Suit in Action) line and I really liked the Deactivated Unicorn Gundam I bought from that line months earlier. I’ve always been a fan of the grunt suits from Wing and the old Leo was really fragile and unwieldy (in terms of play value). This new is like 2x more expensive, but I’m hoping all of the improvements in figure making in the past decade will make it worth it.
  2. I re-watched Gundam Unicorn movies 1-4. I really love the UC timeline and I feel that this series in particular places everything that I love about it together in one place.

Something else that has been on my mind lately has been the whole Hollywood vs. Internet issue. Ever since the mega-upload closure, it seems that Hollywood has gotten especially sure of itself and has gone to all sorts of “wars” and “battles” with file-sharers (legitimate or note) worldwide. Cloud technology seems to be facing a huge adversary and internet monitoring is gaining lots of ground. I fear for the future that we are facing. Sometimes I think that the whole 2012 end of the world scare, is the end of the “world” (i.e. internet) as we know it.

All in all, not a very interesting post, I’ll try to do more variety next time I do one of these.