Been 3 weeks since my last posting of one of these. I’m going to try to forge a structure with this post for the ones to follow and I’ll try to do more of these more often as my life permits.

Movie Magic – Mini-Afterwords of movies I’ve been watching.

I thought about writing an Afterword for the new Snow White and the Huntsman movie I saw on Saturday night starring Kristen Stewart, but I’ve decided not to. The reason being is that there’s not much to say about the movie, overall it was rather mediocre. The most glaring issue the movie suffered from was the acting of the main actress, which I considered dull and emotionless. I had hopes for the movie as Chris Hemsworth played the Huntsman character, but even that could not save it. The plot was so-so and the visuals were amazing, but all in all the horrid acting of Kristen Stewart makes me give it a 3/5.

A much better movie I got to watch today was the new blu-ray release of Safe House, staring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. I really enjoy Denzel Washington films and I absolutely abhore Ryan Reynolds. The mix of the two together? Actually makes the film pretty watchable. Though not original by any means, the films kept my attension much better than Snow White and the Huntsman did, so I’ll give it a 3.5/5.

Oh and before I forget, I saw the new Les Misérables trailer before Snow White and that one really caught my attention. I’m saying it now, one of the best movies of the year perhaps

(let’s make it rival Chicago!).

Anime Tidbits – Little comments about animes I’ve been watching lately.

*Hyouka 01-07: Most likely my favorite show of the season, I thought the majority of the showwould focuss on the mystery of the word “Hyouka.” However, the show solved that mystery around episode 05 and I can safely say it’s now treading an unknown direction. I think the charactersin this show, along with the rather appealing visuals, are what’s making it so enjoyable at the moment.

*Shining Hearts – Shiawase no Pan 06-08: The show’s plot finally started moving in the last episode, though everything is still soo slow. I can’t really recommend this to anyone. I’m watching it more or less for now as a guitly pleasure because of the girls.

*Jormungand 06-08: Tons of stuff happening, the show is really following the manga to the letter. Unless this stretches to at least two coer, I cannot see it finishing the whole story. The CIA nerd Shokolade finally appeared in the last few episodes and I’m really excited to see her on screen as she was always one of my favorites.

*Space Brothers 07-09: We’re finally into the 3rd exam, it’s been a long road, but Nanba’s really deserved it all. The main question being asked now is really interesting as well, “Am I really the most worthy to become an Astronaut?” I find this a bit real, in most stories the main lead is always so sure and is most definitely the most “worthy.” But when compared with the dreams, aspirations, and motivations with everyone else, is Nanba’s simple dream of going to space really the most worthy?

One Piece 548-550: The biggest issue I have with the One Piece anime is how slow everything moves. This is one of the series, where I recommend just waiting till an arc finishes before marathoning it. I don’t follow the manga, but I believe a big fight is about to happen, though we’ll probably see that resolved in 7+ episodes… Still I can’t word this better than the successor to DBZ’s magic.

The World NFWP – The World Remarks:

We’ve had quite a few intrusions over the new wiki and forums in the past month. I’m really surprised, but have placed a few more security restrictions in place to hopefully ease it all. I had to also clean up the database of alot of the icky crap these guys left behind. Eventually I might just hire someone to manage all this stuff. Though it isn’t helping that I don’t visit enough and Xewleer doesn’t do it unless asked to, we need to get better at this.

Story arc wise, I’m still hoping to finish the Xanatos;Deception Story Arc 1: 1st’s Fate by end of June/July. Haven’t really begun working in earnest, but well see how it goes this week. I’ve also started a page for the Vira Pendragon backstory. she kinda has one in place, but I’m going to retcon some of it and expand upon it. The story is currently titled, “Once Upon a Dream” and has the tagline: “I had a dream my life would be so different…but there are dreams that cannot be.” Expect to see more of that coming within the week.

Otherside – The Rest:

  • E3 is going on this week and there’s no doubt many games that are to come out. Not really looking forward to much in particular. I’m going to take a wait and see approach to it all, though let’s hope Namco announces Tales of Xillia for USA.
  • Last but not least, Tentacle Bento is a new anime-themed card game that I’m really happy to support. They got kicked off Kickstarter for some reason, but are up and running here. Watch the video, read a bit about it, and if you like please support them!

Well that’s that, again sorry for the mess, I’m still looking to improve on these with each post. Expect my next post sometime during the week, hopefully.