Carriers moving in to destroy my enemies

So I got Civilization 5. It was pretty cheap, like 12 bucks including several different expansion backs (like Babylon). I’ve got some things to say about it.

First, about Alexander the Great.

This guy is one of the greatest generals who have ever lived.

This guy is a ponce

I have not played as Alexander yet, but I understand they have a very strong early game. However, that doesn’t explain how he acted. He was a total moron. He kept insulting me and denouncing me, every time it respawned. And I hadn’t really done anything except gain the friendship of all the city states. Here’s the thing, there’s nothing to stop him from doing the same! I’m not going to stop him!

Now keep in mind I was the most powerful person on the board. I focus culture, science and building early on so I am very strong late game. And it was late game. I declare war on him and literally conquer everything in my path. His armies fell like wheat before my scythe and it got to the point where all that was left was a city JUUUUSSST inside of the range of my siege weapons. Greatest military commander of all time? And they couldn’t stick that into the game?

They couldn’t see my armies massing on his borders for several turns in advance? He couldn’t place fortifications in my way? He couldn’t mass his military and fleets against mine, preventing my reinforcements coming in from my home cities? He couldn’t bombard my cities, forcing my attention back to defense? He couldn’t place siege weapons to attack my own units while I was blocked by his cities?

I was not impressed by him at all. Genghis Khan was actually better than him, but barely. HE got in a war with several of my allies (France and several city states) and they called for my aid. I gave it and basically conquered his land without fuss. It was hard for him because he actually attack my delicate siege units and tried to get around it by attacking my fleets. It didn’t work but he tried harder than Alexander, so he gets props.

Civilization is amazingly addictive and it’s consuming a lot of my time. I only hope I can break free of its curse in time.