My best representation of truth right now. It’s circular. Yep. All of mankind’s philosophy, science, art and culture will boil down to a circle.

Truth is surprisingly easy to define. It is a complete absolute. This is not the dictionary definition of ‘not falsehood’, this is the actual definition. You see, Light has a speed, but did you know that it changes according to things like gravity? Or that scientists can slow down light to observe it? In other words, the Speed of Light is no truth. It is merely an equation that works very well with earth’s gravity and has many applications concerning space from our perspective.

Truths are eternal absolutes. They do not change, they do not modify. I have found three great truths, studying all things I can lay my hands upon. That, according to the philosophers who say there is no truth but what is true for us (in which case the speed of light is a purple dragon!) I have sought in myself, in the Bible and in the very foundation of this world and found these three things.

God is Sovereign: That God has control over all and made all. That the worlds align themselves to His will. This is the ‘Physical’

God is Ultimate Love: God gave us free will, and doesn’t destroy us for our failures, etc. The mental, if you will.

God is Holy:This is the here after. You ever notice that all have an opinion about what’s going to happen after we die? I do. This is above the mere hereafter, but also how we view our own lives. All humanity has a conscience of some kind, did not men like Jeffry Dahmer admit that once he realized it didn’t matter, he could kill as he willed. This is when he finally destroyed his conscience (it grows back). This is the spiritual.

Everything falls under these three categories, broadly. I will talk about this again, but I would like you to dwell that the only absolutes come from having an Absolute God. This is the Circle as a whole. In other words, it is the basis for everything.