This is the picture of the FACELESS ONES! LOOK ON THEM AND DESPAIR!

The real Faceless Ones are much more terrifying. Unlike the Shadow Shamans, which are ‘human’ enemies, and unlike the Shadows themselves, who are more similar to Cthulu or Satan than anyone else, the Faceless Ones are much like alien invaders.  They are ‘other’. They are not the primeval force of natures nor are they agents following personal agendas. They wish to conquer all.

In the beginning of the world, before the True Ancestors became the DEAD IMMORTALS and replaced by the Administrators, one of them, UROR created the Faceless Ones. He had fashioned them out of madness, not realizing that they were a symptom of his corruption, not some benevolent act. The other True Ancestors trapped him in THE PIT, a prison that holds abominations and dangerous beings. This was before they understood entirely what was happening to them.

UROR took the name THE LAST DARK and began to create more Faceless Ones. He took over THE PIT and used the abominations and whatever else he could find to make more and more of them. In the end, it was only him and his creations. And they turned on him. UROR now screams in THE PIT, tormented by his children and fueling them as they seek to invade the World.

They switch between orderly and chaotic. When they go out as an army, they have the goal of enslaving all to feed on them and create more of themselves. Individually, they do whatever they want. They could help you, or they could kill you just because. They run the full gamut of alignments, but generally on the evil side of things.

Famous Faceless Ones

Tloke: One of the top Faceless ones. He runs the First Faceless War, Fourth One (he inspired Kun to attack the main continent) and the Sixth One, though in secret. He’s one of the ‘big bads’ of the World, along with others like Shayna, Liselotte and THE GODDESS.

Azrael: also called ‘the putrid’ he is a possessor of bodies and very skilled at mental games. He is the antagonist of the Second Faceless War.

Yyrin: Yyrin was the antagonist of the third Faceless War. She manipulated all the worlds leaders into fighting one another. Only the interference of the Pillars forced her hands to invade the World.

Grake: A cunning commander of the Faceless Ones who is often put against Arcadia.

They are likely the least developed of the three villains, but still menacing and movers and shakers of their world. They who gnaw at the foundation.