Been almost a month since the last one of these, I’m a terrible blogger :[. Not much has been going on over here, did have my wisdom teeth taken out and a few school projects, otherwise I’ve been lazing around. I’m going to try to fit in another post this week, but we’ll see how that goes. The biggest mental strain this week has to be the 4th of July Holiday coupled with bills I need to deal with. I saw the movie Ted and the Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter movies, both recommended, but I won’t go anymore into either for this post.

Anime Tidbits – Little comments about animes I’ve been watching lately.

  • Jormungand 09-12 END: Well that was surprising, expected this to be two-coer, but I guess well have to wait for the second season. Overal this series has been very faithful to the manga, too bad we never got to the R / CIA arc which is coming up next season. (They actually alluded to it in the S1 epilogue, gotta wait till fall though). 4/5.
  • Space Brothers 10- 14: Tons of character development, I like how the directors are showing us more and more about each team member, getting us to like each one so that it’ll be hard when only two are chosen at the end. I’m still hoping that there is a Mutta X Serika ending still, but seeing as to what type of show it is, I doubt we’ll get that much romance development. I like the new op and ed a bit more than the old ones, but still they remain rather unmemorable to me.
  • One Piece 551-554: If there’s one show that’s perfect for marathon, it would be one piece. So little happens each episode, but it’s so good you keep wanting more. I think for now I’m going to stop watching and let the episodes accumilate. The current arci s pretty good though, I figure it’ll end in 10 or so episodes depending how they wanna stretch it. I hear the next arc has to do with Vegapunk, I’m not really interested in that subplot, but if it’s Oda I’m sure it’ll be interesting. Will most likely just let episodes accumilate till December or so.

  • Towa no Quon Movie 01-06 End: Thought long and hard about doing a proper afterword for this one, but generally don’t think I have enough to say. The premise of people with abilities being hunted by evil organization has been done to death, though I really enjoyed the characters and bits of the story were unique generally not much else can be said. Oh, animation was very nice. My favorite character was Tei for obvious reasons, followed by the titular character, Quon. I feel the story got a bit bogged down in the last few episodes, but the conclusion was satisfying enough. Overall a 4/5.
  • Shining Hearts – Shiawase no Pan 09-12 END: Tony Taka can sure draw characters, but the plots in most of his works aren’t worth a damn. The “action” if you can call it that didn’t really happen until the last two episodes and even then, they just gave the main protagonist a magic supercharge to make him overpowered. The enemies were kinda rediculous and I feel that things just didn’t go over very smooth through the show. Watch for the character designs if you like TonyTaka’s work, otherwise give this a skip. 1/5.
  • Fate/Zero S2: Am going to let Xewleer do the preoper afterword for this. Overall, Fate/zero is one of the best anime shows of the season and is recommended for anybody seeking a visually stunning and thought-provoking show. The production values are off the roof, and the varied cast of characters keeps things interesting. That being said, the inconsistent flow of the story at times with its sudden detours led to a loss of characterization. Also, its status as a prequel limited Urobochi to having to package his story in preparation for the events of fate/stay night, rather than unleash his imagination like he was able to in Madoka Magica. Nevertheless, it’s quite the ride and you definitely don’t want to miss out. 5/5.
  • Hyouka 08-11: One of my favorite shows of the season, I’m like the whole detective/perspective take this series is taking and it’s refreshingly “unique” in a sense. The latest arc, which involved the unfinished student film, has just ended and the solution and aftermath they came up was very surprising to me. I like it when the characters have to reason out why something happened/happens instead of making viewers assume everything.

Summer 2012 Season Starts –

  • Campione! 01 (Preair) – Managed to catch the preair or episode one, the concept of becoming a “god slayer” is something very interesting to me and I found this episode to be quite enjoyable. The storyline was kinda predictable, but nowadays I find the journey to be of more interest than the overall plot of things. I can’t comment much on the animation as the preair episode was of lower quality than normal, but things looked pretty solid. A bunch of questions raised in episode 01 and I’m wondering how the girl fits in with the whole godslayer thing. (She seems like she plays a big part).
  • Arcana Famiglia 01 – The second show I managed to catch is the 3rd “male harem” show that has caught my eye (the first being Angelique and the 2nd being Hakouki). Following the success of the aforementioned Hakouki, more and more studios seem to be focuessed on adapting “male harem” games that are aimed toward females. There’s a female a lead, so the male audience isn’t totally alienated, and the concept is somewhat sound (italian-esque fantasy setting involving a mob family with special abilities). I’m just hoping we don’t have a typical ending expected from these type of series. There’s two people that I can identify as the male “protagonist” from the first episode and frankly I hope the female lead ends up with neither of them. They fit right into their respective tropes to the letter, which is quite annoying. The biggest peeve of mine is that the guy that seems to be the most “qualified” in terms of maturity to be with the heroine seems most likely to be the “villain,” if there can be one for this series. Overall, not bad but there’s certainly room for improvement, I just hope that the series doesn’t end with too farfetched an ending.
  • Muv-Luv Alternative – Total Eclipse 01 – Now we arrive to the 3rd show and one of the most anticipated as it derives from a rather popular visual novel. The concept here is alien invasion apocalpyse and a whole bunch of younger (female) pilots have to use mechs to fend them off. The first episode consisted of mainly “episodic” scenes from various dates showing the girls training up to the invasion point. Not alot happened and there wasn’t much connection between the viewer and the pilots, but if things go as they should the action should really pick up in the next few episodes.

The World NFWP – The World Remarks:

Added some art for a couple of characters, as well as bits here and there. Probably by the end of the week I will have my editors start working on the first chapter.
Other project involving The World has to do with the Xanatos Series. Me and Xewleer have begun work on the Xanatos;Rebellion A-0 game. Might release it free on pc and have some sort of app version available down the line. At this point I’m in charge of everything but storyline, which I’m handing to Xewleer.

Otherside – The Rest:

  • Anime Expo is going on this week, nothing really caught my eye, but I’ve been mainly skimming the info.
  • ACTA is also set to go down in Euro-Paraliament this week, hope it turns out well.