What’s in a name? A name is not a picture, so I will not post one. A name is not a song, so I will not post one. I wish to talk about how I choose names for this post.

As may be implied, I’ve stopped writing the Utan Migration war to work on another work called ‘Carefully Tamed Chaos‘. The name CTC is inspired by two things, one: close up pictures of eyes and two: the inherent chaos of humanity itself. While it is a My Little Pony Fan fiction examining how humans, violent and quite mad, would react to the more gentle and balanced ponies.

The Shadow Shaman: One of my most favorite characters I’ve ever created. He is one of the psuedo-antagonists of the Utan Migration war. He’s a part of it on the evil side, but once what binds him is gone, he’ll disappear like his name sake. I choose his name because it is what he is. Unlike names like Erebus Waldren which is just MADE for a punky villain, he is so consumed by his role it is his personality. To name him anything would be discordant to what he does and weakens his menace.

On the other end of spectrum isGreen Mustard. His name was chosen long before I decided to write the novel. I chose it as a joke, then I realized that it fit. What should I call a mad archetect? George? No. That’s plain. It’s been done. I need his name to be stupid, with a name like that I don’t even have to IMPLY crazy. All I have to do is insert a little method to his madness. Green Mustard is a character possessed of himself and unique. He knows what’s going on but does stunts like this because he likes it. No one has Green Mustard unless they like the condiment.

Another character I am extremely pleased with the name is Teradoc. Unlike the other two, this is the name of a Noble House of Arcadia. -doc comes from a star wars character. Tera- comes from ‘Terror’ they desire to inspire terror in those that will threaten House Delphine. It’s a tough name, with strong consonants and implications of danger. It’s all about the implication.

I hope you enjoyed how I named these characters.