Part 2

Are you still listening? Watch the pictures moving, they are more eloquent than I. However, I have set myself to the task of summarizing this grand tale. So stay a while, and listen.

Saber and Irisviel are leaving the scene when Caster shows himself, demanding she recognize him. She does not and he names himself further: Gille de Rais. He despairs that she has forgotten herself. She names herself Arturia Pendragon, heir of Uther Pendragon. Caster, disturbed, pounds the ground and says that he would resurrect Jeanne in her. He retreats after Arturia threatens violence.

Caster returns to his base, and Ryuunosuke encourages him to be cooler than God, because Caster believes that Arturia not being Jeanne d’Arc is His punishment.

El-Melloi realizes that his fiancee, Sola, is being attracted to Lancer, at no fault of his. A fire breaks out in the hotel and El-Melloi sends Lancer to fight whoever set the blaze. He feels secure that no one can breach his magical defenses. Kiritsugu meanwhile infiltrates and tells the faculty that El-Melloi has left the building. He detonates the hotel.

Kotomine follows the destruction and locates Maiya, Kiritsugu’s right hand woman. They fight, and Maiya is forced to retreat. Kotomine does not pursue as Assassin tells him Caster is located. Caster has begun kidnapping children to fuel his magicks and may not be actively participating in the war like the rest of them. The Priest acting as referee, Kotomine and Tokiomi resolve to kill him by having all masters work together against him.

Gilgemesh taunts Kotomine with drink and with how he spends his time. Gilgemesh calls Tokiomi boring and questions Kotomine’s reasoning. Gilgemesh questions also Kotomine’s desire for the grail implying that Kotomine must have some sort of desire hidden. Gilgemesh wonders aloud if Kotomine wishes for joy, but Kotomine calls joy sin, and says he lacks it. Gilgemesh says that this interesting and continues talk for a time on joy. Kotomine, he says, should join in his entertainments, and drink some wine. He should investigate the other masters as well, and learn their motivations. In this manner, he will understand his own heart.

In the morning, El-Melloi, Lancer and his fiancee are revealed to be alive, through magical means. At the same time, the referee/priest announces that a truce is in play while Caster is alive, and the prize for killing Caster is a command seal, a way to power/control a servant.

Kiritsugu states that he wants to send Irisviel away, but Caster interrupts, surrounded by children he has mind controlled. He wishes to call out Saber and battle her, still believing her to be Jeanne. He kills one of the children taunts Saber. He slays them all as she arrives.

Caster uses his Noble Phantasm, a necronomicon class grimoire, to turn the bodies to demonic starfishes to attack her. Kiritsugu forces his wife to flee with Maiya. El-Melloi and Lancer arrive at the Kiritsugu household and forest. Lancer assists Saber, while El-Melloi attacks Kiritsugu with a mercurial familiar that protects him against all harm.

Kiritsugu and El-Melloi fight, while Caster fights both Lancer and Saber together. Kiritsugu attacks with his most powerful weapon, a Contender pistol. Kayneth is hit and crippled by a good shot. He is undaunted and continues his assault. He is hit again, but this time with a magical bullet that has destroyed his ability to do magic, painfully at that. He calls to Lancer, who takes him to safety.

Kotomine invades the forest and is assaulted by Maiya and Irisviel; he beats Maiya to a pulp. Iris attempts to distract him long enough to escape, but fails. Kotomine stabs her in the stomach and leaves, satisfied that he has killed her. Saber comes as he leaves, and sees to Irisviel, who has healed. She reveals to Saber that she was given Avalon by Kiritsugu for such an occasion. Saber tells her that Lancer, who has an anti-magic ability, has greatly damaged Caster’s magical book, forcing him to retreat.

The next day, Iskander and Waver search for and discover Caster’s hide away. They burn it, but not before Assassin attacks them. Assassin is sent away easily. Caster is confirmed to have used children to power many of his spells. Tokiomi’s daughter, Rin, also thwarted Caster by preventing Ryuunosuke from kidnapping her school chums.

That night, Iskander, Gilgemesh and Arturia drink and compare philosophies. Gilgemesh says that a king must be selfish, and that the people work to serve him and him alone. Iskander says that a King serves as the inspiration for his people, and protects them, while they are to follow him because he is worthy of it, whether he is drunk or sober. Arturia states that the King must serve the people at all times. Iskander and Gilgemesh laugh at her for her nativety. For, if she falls, then the kingdom will likely fall, they say.

A King must must be greedier, laugh louder, and be more furious than everyone else. He must exemplify all things, both good and evil. That is why his subjects envy and adore him. And why the flame of wanting to be like the King can burn in the hearts of every civilian.” -Iskander

Assassin interrupts, and Iskander kills them all with his ultimate attack, Ionian Hetaroi, which forces anyone caught in it to fight or die to Iskander’s most loyal troops, called back from the dead. Assassin is formally defeated. After the battle, Gilgemesh returns to Tokiomi and taunts Kotomine some more, saying that is real interest is Kariya and his motivations. At this, Kotomine’s hand seal, which disappeared when Assassin was killed, reappears, indicating that Kotomine is still in the running for the Holy Grail.

Caster, at the encouragement of Ryuunosuke, decides to play a trump card, and summons an army of monsters in the Fuyuki river. It attracts Arturia, Iskander and Diarmud (lancer) immediately. Caster combines most of his summons to form a gigantic monster of Cthulhu proportions. By now Gilgemesh shows up flying on his personal ship. He attacks the monster, but Berserker interferes. At the same time Kariya attacks Tokiomi to little avail, as Tokiomi merely lights him on fire. Ryuunosuke is killed by Kiritsugu sniping him from a safe distance. Saber eventually kills Caster, by using her ultimate attack: Excalibur.

As the ashes fade, Kotomine finds a wounded Kariya, he decides to take him in and heal him, despite having an opportunity to kill him there and then. The fight has taken a lot out of Rider and Saber, so they and Gilgemesh decide to wait to recharge, so they can fight at full strength.

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