The Maverick Hero strikes again!

On a more serious note, this series has tons more NSFW fan service than I originally thought.  Sure this hasn’t been too distracting as of yet, but I’m starting to wonder if it might soon be. The hero himself, seems to be quite the ladies man, so it’s not a problem of not fitting with the character though…

Still, one of the core things that keep me coming back is that this story has the hero start at the top of the food chain, rather than bottom.

The rest of the “main” girls were introduced this week as well. Not too impressed with the lesbian or the child genius at this point, but the student council girl perked my interest. I’m wondering if she betrays the council to join the hero’s side later on, as the op shows her to be part of his inner circle.

But boy, does the hero have nimble fingers and that sleepwalking… I don’t think he left the last kingdom without deflowering all the maids.

Still not convinced to drop this yet, almost TOO MUCH fanservice this episode, but besides that the plot is still very very interesting.