The time has come to finish. Caster is dead, as is Assassin.  Our tale is in its closing acts. Were you thrilled? No? Well, then, feast your eyes on the death of kings, the fulmination of a promise, and the rebirth of a future hero.

Almost immediately after the battle, Maiya, the servant of Kiritsugu, attacks Sola-ui, the fiancee of El-Melloi and current master of Lancer, and cuts off her hand. However, El-Melloi has confronted the Priest, Risei, and claims a prize of a command seal from him. He kills him after he gets it. Lancer and Saber engage in combat soon after. Kiritsugu, however, has out maneuvered El-Melloi and demands he have lancer kill himself in exchange for his fiancee. He acquiesces. Lancer is furious.

“Do all of youreally want… to win that badly…? You all want the Grail that desparatly?! You’d crush the only wish I have in my heart… do none of you feel any shame at all?! I won’t forgive you… I won’t forgive ANY of you for this! All of you monsters who’d disregard a knight’s honor for personal gain… let my blood taint your dreams! Let the grail be cursed! Let the wish it grants bring disaster! And when you fall into the pits of hell… remember the rage of Diarmuid!” He dies after. El-melloi is soon shot by Maiya, with Saber forced to give the finishing blow.

Tokiomi and Kotomine find Risei’s dead body. with his dying breath, he gave the secret of the command seals to Kotomine. Gilgemesh has one final conversation. Tokiomi, suspecting nothing, gives Kotomine an Azoth Dagger, a symbol of completion in Tokiomi’s family. Kotomine, after showing gratitude, slays him with it, and takes Gilgemesh for his servant.

Meanwhile, Irisviel reveals that she is too tired to move anymore, as her homunculus body is deteriorating. She gives the sheath of Excalibur, Avalon, to Kiritsugu. Waver and Rider rest, powering up for whatever final battle awaits them. Kariya receives a terrible gift, the first worm to feast on a certain girl’s innocence. It powers him and Berserker up, but it will soon kill him.

Later that night, Kiritsugu discovers Tokiomi’s death and receives word from Maiya that Irisviel was captured. He orders Arturia there immediately, but is too late. Maiya dies in Kiritsugu’s arms and Arturia sees the figure of Iskander leaving the area. Iskander, without Irisviel, attacks Saber as she pursues what may now be an illusion. She wins the round with her ultimate attack, forcing Iskander to flee.

Kotomine reveals that Berserker, who has a very expensive ability involving shape change, is the real one to capture Irisviel. Kariya goes to the church, where he is told that Tokiomi is and is waiting to fight him. However, Tokiomi is dead, and in that moment, Tokiomi’s wife enters. She is the sister of Kariya and goes mad at the thought that he killed Tokiomi. Kariya goes berserk and strangles her while Kotomine and Gilgemesh watch, drinking wine.

Kiritsugu reveals to Arturia the purpose of Irisviel, that is, to be a vessel for the grail. Kotomine, who is now in possession of her, seeks why Kiritsugu fights. She refuses to answer and he chokes her into unconsciousness. Waver gives up his leash on Iskander, sacrificing his commands seals to power Iskander up for the final battles. Iskander accepts, then takes Waver into battle, stating that he rides as his friend, more than his master. Gilgemesh goes out to fight Rider, while Irisviel is possessed by the Grail.

Iskander and Gilgemesh share wine one last time on the bridge. They throw their cups into the air, then attack as soon as the cups hit the ground. Gilgemesh is consumed by Ionian Hetaroi, but responds by drawing his greatest weapon, EA, the godslayer. He warps the reality of Ionian Hetaroi so much that Iskander is unable to continue in that manner. Iskander charges gloriously, and makes to Gilgemesh, though sorely wounded and held by Enkidu, chains that Gilgemesh uses to defend himself. He slays Iskander with EA and leaves Waver, stating that he does not wish to dishonor Iskander’s memory by killing his friend, whom he ordered to live.

As they fight, Arturia is arrested by Berserker and is forced to duel with the mad swordsman. She demands he reveal himself after nearly striking a fatal blow he blocks by slapping his palms together. He removes the enchantments that prevent people from seeing his true identity. It is none other than Lancelot, the Chevalier Mal Fet, the Ill-made knight, yet the greatest knight in all the world that will ever live. Betrayer of Arturia by sleeping with Guinevere and the final weak link of the downfall of the Round Table knights. They duel, Lancelot nearly besting Arturia with every blow. But Kariya, his master, is unable to continue, his wounds and his bugs have consumed him to the point he loses his magical power. Lancelot is forced to pause, and Arturia kills him. Kariya dies soon after, believing that Sakura has welcomed him home. She sees him die and despairs, stating that she will never have free will. Lancelot dies in Arturia’s arms, he is also despairing, and begging her to condemn him for his crimes.

“You were the greatest amongst the kings, all who served you… believed thus.”-His final words and his true feelings. His madness, not only caused by being a berserker, was caused by his inability to justify his actions, and the non-accusation of Arturia caused him to be unable to properly console himself. She mourns him deeply, unable to blame him for his actions.

Kiritsugu and Kotomine fight, but it ends with Kiritsugu killing Kotomine and the Grail-blood, pouring from it, flowing over him. The shows him what his wish-revealed to be the desire to save humanity- will involve him killing and killing again and again until he is the only human on earth, because that is only what he knows. He is able to break the illusion by killing the image of his wife, possessed by the grail. He uses his command seals to force Arturia to destroy the grail, as Gilgemesh attempts to stop her. She succeeds. A massive fire breaks out, killing Saber and the Grail-blood washes over everything.

Kotomine revives, apparently brought back by the grail. He and Gilgemesh comment that they have purpose, concerning the Grail, and that they desire to be around for the next fight. Kiritsugu, driven temporarily mad, runs around the wreckage searching for survivors. He finds Emiya, whom he later adopts as Kotomine and Gilgemesh look on but do nothing. This sets the scene for Fate/Stay Night and why Emiya desired to be a hero.

At the end of all things Arturia sits on the battlefield of Camlen, where she died. She is surrounded by the dead and the dying. She cries over her dead knights, but is powerless to do anything but wait for the next war.