Those are the kind of words that can make a girl fall for you.

More silly body-swapping antics by the boys this week…

Lovin how the body-swapping gives alot more out-of-character dynamics.

Well if she won’t say it in real life, record it when you’re in her body so you can replay it later.

The “girl-talk” when the guys are in the girl’s bodies really makes me smile.

Though Inaba is a revenge monster, so don’t mess with her.

Yui inside Taichi just increases his levels of cool 3x.

Speaking of Yui, the episode delved into some heavy stuff. I like how consequences like these are brought up, giving the show a more serious flavour.

This week was a Yui centered episode, I think she’s fallen for Taichi at this point. Though I still want him to be paired with Iori.

Next week is an Inaba focused episode it looks.

The ED has also grown on me.

3/3 +1 for ED

[vimeo 45815440]