Oh Hazuki, you tease.

I’m really liking the bits of school politics they’re showing every episode. I know this is a harem anime, but at least if you take that away the show still has substance.

I’m curious to see some more backstory on the current Student Council President, can’t imagine how serious the “incident” was for his popularity to drop so much.

Also pretty surprised to see a big focus of the episode was on the teacher, Hazuki Shinonome.

Her relationship with Satsuki seems pretty complicated as well.

Big moment of the episode had to be her relationship with Ooshima though.

I first I thought she was his secret step-mother, but apparently it’s ALOT more complicated. I think she may love him.

3/3 Very good episode, I think the plan the creators are going with is 1/2 of the episode is politics the other 1/2 is character issues.