Isara centered episode and I’m more torn on which heroine to vote for.

On the character side we focus on Isara this episode. Her predicament gives us more insight into the hierarchical society within the school.

On the political side we focus on gathering campaign funds for the election.

Finally get to know what an “Oojima Roll” is.

Another side to Satsuki. I like that it’s not a one-dimensional evil where it’s “all about the club funds.”

Satsuki reminds Oojima that the election is serious business.

Wow, not bad. If I’m reading this right, she’s trying to allocate club funds so that the financial aid students can get scholarships.

Isara suffers more bullying due to her social status.

This show is making it really hard to vote for one heroine. At this point Satsuki and Isara are tied for my top picks followed by Chinatsu. With this newfound knowledge of Satsuki’s manifesto, will Oojima lose more of his resolve? I think that getting the financial aid students support may be a deciding factor in the election, there’s more than meets the eye here.

The title Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, which means Love, Election, & Chocolate is actually very clever as the show is separated into those three elements.

There’s more than meets the eye here, and personally, I’m more interested in the Chocolate and Elections part.

  • Chocolate = Backstory, Drama
  • Elections = Politics, Intrigue
  • Love = Romantic Comedy/Harem Element.


Next week looks to be a fan service episode.