Despite his flaws, I think Taichi is the type of guy that any girl would fall for.

Taichi centered episode in a sense (He goes around helping Iori and Inaba deal with their inner demons).

True, but I think it’s more than some girls, I’d say most girls can’t resist the right kind of white knight.

Smart move by Iori to ease some of the tension before the big reveal…

That was pretty smart of her, considering her age.

A common theme in fiction is that a loved one’s death motivates change.

Wow, I didn’t expect Iori to have a personal identity disorder…

Inaba on the otherhand, has trust issues, which have been the main reason for her bouts of sickness.

Taichi’s solution isn’t to get her to change, but to tell her his own secret so that she can trust him more.

And what a deadly secret it is…

That took guts, I don’t think most anyone would ever do that…

At this point, I think most of the girls have fallen for Taichi or pretty close to.

Poor Aoki doesn’t have much a chance. I think when Taichi declares his love (for Iori?) is when the other girls will back down.

3/3 + 1. Best episode thus far, very original and tons of character development. The fact that this show explores much of the psychology of body swapping is pretty interesting as well.