And that’s why it takes more than skill to become a flight instructor.

Yuuya is still on his high horse.

I know he makes some good points, (or it seems like he does) but he doesn’t understand nor see the whole picture.

Well it seems like Yuuya wasn’t all that bad, Yui was just trying to drive him to be alot better than he is. Poor Yui, Yuuya is a better pilot (in the long run), so she has to use his abilities to help save her homeland. I think she’s slowly falling for him as well.

Yuuya, on the otherhand, still hasn’t gotten past his japanese doll trauma. I recon once he realizes that Yui has been doing all of this to push him along, he’ll become alot softer around her.

3/3 – Episode also featured a pretty interesting TSF battle.