Is the mystery finally revealed?!?

First part of episode focused on Konoe and why she fell in love with Shougo.

Okay, saved her from car accident when younger, I guess that wouldn’t make a girl forget you.

But what about the phone calls?

A prank?!?! I would’ve raged so hard…

Now what about Miyabi…

Okay, so only friend while father was in hospital and wedding ceremony, I guess that… counts?

Well that certainly made Konoe jealous, catfight anyone?

Uh… that doesn’t sound good. Someone wanna let him stay over for the night?

Not good at all…

What if the reality is too good to be true?

3/3, 2 girls knocked out of the “Is she my sister?” category, 3 to go.

Seriously though folks, as nice of an idea a harem is in anime/fiction etc. IRL it’s a pretty BAD IDEA, especially if all the girls in it don’t know.