Silica appears in another rushly paced episode!

Pacing aside, poor Silica, 13-year old loli loses only friend in the new, digital world.

Luckily Kirito comes to the rescue.

Love how Silica is willing to admit her faults.

Rosalia on the otherhand, is a real bit**. She’s quite the looker though.

She was actually aiming to do nefarious things to Silica, thankfully Kirito had a trap for her trap.

Players often assume new identities/personalities online. One thing I like about Sword Art Online is the portrayal of personal responsibility.

If I recall they don’t meet again for awhile. Next week is murder case.

Overall I initially rated the episode a 2/3 for horrible pacing (which looks to be a staple), but upon my 2nd watch… I’d say entertaining enough for a 3/3.