Assuming the timeline is the same anyways…

After his stunt last week, Nobuna decides to distance herself from Sagara. He’s changed history by saving the Viper of Mino and that could mean everything he knows to have happened in the future, could not come to pass.

Viper tells him that may not be the case though…

Along the way meeting Nobukatsu, now Nobusumi (Nobukatsu is now “dead”), and his ALL FEMALE BODYGUARD SQUARD?!?

Yes, Sagara, you lose this round.

Imagawa Yoshimoto intends to sacrifice the Mikawa vanguard to weaken the enemy before coming with her personal troops to finish the job.

Sagara needs to setup the red flag for Yoshimoto (i.e. keeping history the same).

That was actually pretty witty, I don’t think I woulda thought of that in the face of death.

Nagahide has the coolest scene in the fight with Yoshimoto’s troops. Katsuie’s confrontation with Yoshimoto is ALMOST as good though…

3/3 A few nuances here and there, but pretty solid episode nonetheless.