I wonder what would have changed had I done it differently.

A Wakana focused episode that delves into her past, the death of her mother, and when she gave up music.

The piano remind her too much of her mother, terrible memories where she wished she had been a better daughter.

But only when something is gone do you realize how important or what importance it meant for you.

Not a thought that occurs to many, but every meeting with someone, especially those we love, could be our last meeting with them.

Religious beliefs aside, though this world is cruel, we still wish to see those we love a live in it.

Removing the cataclyst of the memory does not wipe it from our hearts.

3/3 + 1. Best episode thus far, very moving and made me ponder on much of the issue on death.

Will my own life be a cataclyst to change someone else? The thought resounded in my mind through this episode.