The first Op of Accel World. It’s a good show, with ideals, this will be about my feelings about the series in general. some of the videos will be in poor quality, and I apologize for that.

Accel world is not my favorite series by any regard. Full disclosure, I find the self-pity of Haru absolutely disgusting and it nearly puts me off the show. I hate how people seem to fall over themselves for him and how much they sacrifice for a fat apathetic high school student who’s known to bow to bullying. (In Japan, however, the teachers will not help you as long as there is no violence. and even then… Some day I will list all the things I hate about Japan. There is a lot. A LOT)

There are other things. The conversations are a little sub-par and the animation, while sparkly, is not always the best. Character design is amazing… for some characters. Any character who is not main/support char will be crap. There is a walking refrigerator, with arms. I kid you not. He even has glasses and a laptop. Another thing is the vague tech and the hiddeness of Accel World. Has no adult found it? Has no military examined common technology and discovered the abilities of those who were born basically with it? One last thing. Too many ‘doll faces’ Like Lime bell or Sky Raker. Cut from the same cloth.


The good things. The greatest thing that keeps me watching the show is the ideal of the Knight and Lady. If you’ve seen the Dark Knight Rises (If not, spoilers!) you may have seen the relationship of Bane and Talia Al’ghul. This is the same damn thing. It’s not quite Lancelot and Guinevere levels, as while Haru has the hots for Black Lotus, I do not think he is capable of copulating, the same with Bane. I’m gonna draw hella parallels.

Bane is the dragon/chief agent of Talia the same thing can be seen in Haru and Black Lotus. Black Lotus and Talia are both highly ambitious women who can inspire absolute loyalty. Both Haru and Bane have unquestionable loyalty to their Ladies and sacrifice for them without a thought. Both do not think whether they should sacrifice, but rather HOW. It’s a terrible thing for the ladies to have, as it did and will lead to the Knight’s death, should they mismanage him. It’s a subtle thing that is not quite a bodyguard crush.

The Bodyguard crush is a trope that could apply, but for a few things. A knight is not a mere bodyguard. While the Knight is usually subservient to the Lady, or in very, very rare cases, in charge of. The bodyguard is merely a protector. A knight may not be the same rank as the Lady, but he/she will certainly be close, able to question and know her innermost thoughts. A bodyguard is just a guard, he is nowhere near the same level as a knight. The one with a crush is usually of much higher status. There are also other factors. A bodyguard is an extension of someone else’s power exclusively, but a knight does have authority outside of his Lady. Haru is turning into this.

Haru is a knight in training. He is struggling to understand himself while maintaining loyal to Black Lotus. When he comes up against those who have authority, like Seiji or Scarlet Rain, the Red King (Queen). Even other members of enemy guilds don’t seem to have the same affect on him, as he either has Black Lotus with him, or is working on her orders/desires. When she leaves for a vacation he doesn’t know what to do with himself. In a world that underestimates the authority of personal power, he is on the middle of the totem pole. He has power due to the mere presence of Black Lotus, but it’s shortened considerably by his inability to stand on his own two feet. He even desires power, which manifests in his flying ability.

By the end of the series I would not be surprised if he is able to stand on his own authority. The signs are constantly pointing to him becoming much more independent. Despite his limitations in his own self, he is growing into a man. A weak and conquered man, but he should be able to be an excellent champion of a cause. I do not think he will ever grown out of defining himself by those who rule him. That is not a bad thing, but it will limit his ambition.

I think that’s all I’m going to talk about right now.

By the way. This ending is a perfect example. He is unable to do anything for himself concerning Black Lotus. She is currently fighting with herself over how she should treat him, as well as controlling her own ambition. Should she allow him to fight for her, no matter the end? Or should she treat him well, like a faithful dog?