The ancient feud between two great beasts.

It’s actually very cute that Mariya is quite inept at sports.

Though none of it is good for Kusanagi.

Godou begins to realize that Erika may be manipulating him.

Gotta respect Godou for keeping to his principles of fairness. I think this made Mariya fall more in love with him as well.

Approving of the harem, Erika shows a very dere side.

Kinda a given, but Mariya is also bad at using technology. She’s more of the traditional stay-at-home wife type of character.

Doni appears at last, though it’s only through a phone call to inform Godou about…

Voban lives up to his name as a sort of “vampire” like character.

3/3 With the appearance of two more kings, this seemed like a calm before the storm episode. There were a number of nice scenes futher developing Godou and Mariya’s relationship as well as Godou X Erika.

On a side note, Xewleer will be away for a few weeks as his laptop is off to be repaired.