I don’t think there has been another anime in the last decade where two male characters confess to their love interest in one episode.

Heartseed is an evil bastard this episode, making Iori jump off a bridge and….

forcing the group to make a very hard choice.

Taichi offers himself as the sacrifice.

I really emphasize with Taichi, I think I would choose the same options as him for about the same reasons given the choice.

Aoki said the most logical answer, and the one that may haunt most people if they make as well.

Iori gets some final moments with Taichi while inside Inaba’s body.

The final memory of ill-fated lovers.

3/3 + 1. The most amazing episode of any series for that week. This episode would’ve made a great season finally as well. As to the outcome, I’ll just say Heartseed trolled the cast hard.