The kinda guy who’s always trying to show off?

Adele trolls the British guards.

Adele’s armor is quite spacious. I think it’s a pretty cool safe area myself, though I’m not sure why you’d have rhythm games inside…

Focus of the episode was the battles between TRUMPS and Musashi Executive Members, the goal was if one of the Musashi Execs were defeated England would gain the right to challenge Toori to a duel.

ROUND 1: Walter Raleigh VS Futayo Honda

ROUND 2: Christopher Hatton VS Masazumi Honda

ROUND 3: Nicholas Bacon VS  Kiyonari Ulquiaga

ROUND 4: John Hawkins /  Thomas Cavendish VS Margot Knight

ROUND 5: Francis Drake VS Malga Naruze

ROUND 6: F. Walsingham VS Nate Mitotsudaira

Walsingham, Drake, and Hatton’s fights were my favorite of the duels. Though I’m unsure if Drake’s fight can really be considered a victory for the victor or not…

3/3 + 1. Adele’s trolling is the best part of the episode though. She’s such a tease.