The first rule of fight club is…

With Haruka gone the team is without direction. Aya holds it together for the short term but the princess is needed for a long term solution.

Nighttime Harvest Festival is underway and the main event is a… 1v1 fight to determine professorship???

Now I wish my school had public fights to move past adjunct!

The team finds out about Haruka’s arranged marriage and how she was forced into it…

The Harvest Festival is ultimately an event to make money.

Deep down Misata and Kawahama are good guys, to their friends at least.

And this is why I don’t trust products supposedly used by X person.

Kinda insane they paid 80,000 yen for that, but perceived value is hard to grasp for many people I know especially.

3/3 + 1. Looks like we’re heading to France with Sawaki and Mutou soon.