I’d have to admit, Chihaya is very ballsy.

Alright to begin, this is the 1st ova of the “2nd” season of Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru. Premise for the franchise is quite simple, boy dresses as girl to attend all female school for X reason and ends up romantically involved with one of the girls (it’s based on a visual novel game, what you expect?).

Thoughts on the premise/source aside, I moderately enjoyed the original and the character designs for the 2nd have given me more hope that this will be better.

Kaoruko (Brunette) is my pick for the main girl, her title is “Knight Princess” around the academy. Not going to get into her story until a future OVA reveals it, but everything she does is very “manly” and she has a complex about not being feminine enough, which is what draws her to Chihaya (silver hair) at first.

Chihaya’s own reason for doing this has to do with his mother’s mental illness.

Kaori (light hair) has bad rumors about her spread throughout the school, this is why.

Of course, Chihaya finds out her secret. My thoughts on the issue aside… I really respect that Kaori is a person that lives the way she wants despite what people think.

And Kaori finds out Chihaya’s secret….along with Kaoruko.

Glad they explained it was the too “perfect” acting/mannerisms and not the random “feel you up” that discovered Chihaya’s secret for Kaori.

And Kaoruko has to deal with it in a more direct manner due to her… backstory. She lacks alot of the “talk it out” traits and is a more physical person.

3/3, close to a 2 but barely makes the cut. The flow is generally alright, I feel that animation was kinda… meh for it being an OVA.

I wish this were a full on series, like the original, but take what we can get, right?

I love Kaoruko’s character and am pretty dead sure she will be the “chosen” girl, if there is one.

Her contrast with Chihaya’s “perfect girl” image makes for great chemistry.

Oh, it was also nice that some characters from the previous series appeared or were mentioned as well.

Looking forward to the next one… in September.