There’s been a lot of talk in recent weeks about the issue of homosexuality.

This issue has been a hot topic in the United States for a number of years now, but only recently has become a much more heated issue, thanks to the Chick-Fil A controversy.

I felt that I should chime in a short piece on my own thoughts on it all, if you don’t want to read my ramblings on this issue, feel free to move to another post.

For all else, enjoy.

Well first off to summarize, Dan Cathy,the president of Chic-Fil A, declared that they donate money to anti-gay groups and that God frowns upon it. His statements sparked a flurry of controversy that caused much of the Christian and homosexual communities to “duke it out” in various protests and PR stunts throughout the country. Things are kinda calming down at this point, but his message was clear, “Chick-Fil A funds hate campaigns against gays.”

Now I’m a Christian myself, but my beliefs have always been more passive than aggressive. Meaning, I keep them to myself and don’t try to force them on others. I don’t support gay marriage, nor do I go out of my way to show that. The problem, beliefs aside, that I’m seeing from this is that the homosexual community and those supporting them are seeing every Christian as “bigoted” individuals who are out to ruin the happiness of everyone that doesn’t share their views.

It’s a very closed minded thought, but for some reason it’s been at the forefront of many anti-Christian rally I’ve been seeing.

I don’t support or deny gay marriage, I think if someone wants to be happy, then they should be allowed to be happy.
I, personally, do not feel I would specifically go out and vote for it, or rally for it.
I do consider myself a Christian, and I know the Bible says man and woman, but I dont necessarily think that gay people are condemned it is their “sin”, not mine that is between them and God, not between them and me.
So, if they think marriage is the one thing keeping them from true happiness, then I think they should get married, it shouldn’t entirely be up to the state/nation to determine that.
Assuming the Bible is God’s Word (which I believe it is), then gay people are loved by God just as much as straight people, so… again, their “sin” is between them and God it does not involve me as far as tolerating it…
I feel toleration isn’t a good word but yet still accurate, I tolerate gay people as I tolerate straight people….

In closing, America has much bigger issues than this. The reality is: the country is falling apart, financially, morally everyday and we need to focus on much bigger issues than this.

We all deserve happiness, and who am I to step into someone’s life, why should I approve or deny it, see what i mean?