There’s a little chart floating around the net that’s gotten real popular due to the recent Chick-Fil A fiasco. I would like to talk about it.

This chart is wrong on many accounts. While you may believe that one should never disagree with the homosexual lifestyle, I say that I can believe whatever the hell I want. So can you, but if you say you are tolerant, you must go all the way, otherwise,  you are not tolerant at all and a hypocrite. Remember, while I am against Homosexuality, both sex and lifestyle, I will never discriminate against them. It’s a difference between what I believe and what I will take action on. I am a Bible Scholar and my knowledge of it is greater than whoever put this chart together. I can tell you why its wrong with minimal fuss. Now that I’ve established who I am and why I can talk about this, let’s get to work.

TLDR version:

  • This chart is wrong on many accounts.
  • Jesus’ purpose was to provide salvation
  • The Old Testament Laws were under three categories: Civil, Ceremonial and Lifestyle (for lack of a better word)
  • God does not hate homosexuals,
  • God hates the very idea of homosexuality itself
  • Sometimes, God separates Man’s doings from the Ideas behind them in what He hates.
  • God states multiple times that a man should leave his parents and cleave to his *singular* wife
  • Physical abuse or cheating on you there IS cause for divorce in the Bible
  • God constantly states that Man should only have one wife, but He doesn’t enforce it like He should, due to man’s heartlessness and evil.
  • Despite their personal feelings, most people would not discriminate against homosexuals.


  1. This chart assumes that anyone who disagrees with Homosexuals is Barbaric. In a world where people can believe whatever they want, can’t I feel that Homosexuality is an affront to my God? People believe in a flying spaghetti monster, why can’t I believe that I do not care for (but would never discriminate against in my actions) Homosexuals? If you are allowed to disagree with me, I should be allowed to disagree with you and not be called a cretin.
  2. I will be speaking primarily in the masculine as the Bible does. Hebrew is a VERY masculine language in speaking and referencing people, but everything I refer to towards man on man sex/’committed relationship’ also applies the same to women. Please keep this in mind.

From the left:

  • Jesus’ purpose was to provide salvation, he actually left a crapton of theology to the stuff outside the gospels But provided the framework, so to say. Keep in mind, Homosexuality was not a problem back then, and certainly not a lifestyle choice as it is today. Jesus wouldn’t talk about it to begin with, as the Jews did not have a culture of any sort of man on man sex. Or woman on woman sex either.

Next one

  1.  The Old Testament Laws were under three categories: Civil, Ceremonial and Lifestyle (for lack of a better word).  Many of the things we see as backwards were actually health laws and laws keeping the Jews separated from their surrounding nations. Also, they were concerning sacrifices. To follow their food laws would actually be a good diet, and you wouldn’t have to worry about food poisoning in many cases.
  2. Concerning the laws about women, their vaginal health was much lower than it is today, and menstruating women did pose a minor threat, as the blood could spread on clothes and attract disease carrying pests.
  3. Lastly, things like wearing clothing with different fabrics was a pride thing, I believe. As Kings and rich people would do that. It would force them to stick with Wool, a staple of Jewish Industry, in this regard. Also, it kept them separate from other nations in clothing styles. Jews were to be the bright and shining example of what worshiping God can do for you. They failed often, but can be seen successful with the stories of Esther and Daniel. It is heavily implied that Nebuchadnezzer believed in God. However, it is unknown if he had saving faith.
  4. And for the record, OT laws are now left up to the individual. A Christian doesn’t have to follow them if they don’t want to, and should never follow the Ceremonial Laws concerning sacrifice, as Jesus paid the sacrifice of blood needed. Remember, the law was fulfilled in Jesus.


  1. Their comment is completely false. It’s referring to Man on Man sex of any kind. I site 1 Cor 6:9 and Romans 1:20-28 which talks about such things. God does not hate homosexuals, and in fact, the languages implies that God hates the very idea of homosexuality itself, especially as a lifestyle choice, due to how He set it up and the fact it’s a perversion of His plan. Remember, Committed Same-Sex Relationships IS homosexuality and Men sleeping with men. Ergo, God is against it. In many cases, God separates Man’s doings from the Ideas behind them. Obviously, this works both ways.
  2. Now for the comment on women, it is only implied within the Church itself, as they are to ask their husbands, who are to be the spiritual leaders of the house, questions.Their Churches were much different, with only a few leaders, they would rely on open forums, and as women were undereducated compared to men, the average woman would not have the same ability that men did, and so might disrupt the teaching. As for authority it isn’t quite that. Submission and authority are related but not the same. Like… One has authority over a dog, but in submission to a boss. Different implications.
  3. Submission to husbands is essentially being don’t be a nag and if he’s not burning the house down let him be  It’s NOT being a doormat. If you are abuses or he cheats on you there IS cause for divorce in the Bible. But if he’s an idiot you’re sort of out of luck. As for Women in Authority I provide Lydia the seller of Purple and Mary as examples against it. They were highly placed women within the church who did have influence to work good. Remember, it’s a completely different culture from our own


  • Adam and Eve, yes, and I see the breeding problem is down. HOWEVER, God states multiple times that a man should leave his parents and cleave to his *singular* wife. As in, have sex with her. (not that he’s sexing his parents)


  1. One Man-One Woman. God constantly states that Man should only have one wife, but He doesn’t enforce it like He should, due to man’s heartlessness and evil. There are also a LOT of rules to this. If a man is abusive or cheats on his wives, they have cause to leave him. Jews were NOT allowed to rape, and the Rapist could be killed by the avenger of blood. To model:
  2. If my friend Earl raped my sister Abi and we were in Old Testament times, I could gather a posse to kill him. He could run to the sanctuary cities, but he would be thrown out to me because it was a rape and not an accident. I would then either Castrate or kill him, depending on a few things. HOWEVER! There are rules about the woman. Culturally there were a thousand things going on. If Abi was alone when it happened in the City, where she would be expected to be with other women/men of the family, she would also be at fault for being so stupid as to put herself in danger. As the Avenger of Blood I would be forced to kill her. Remember, there were a thousand safeguards put in place by authority to protect her and she abandoned them. However, if Abi was carried off by soldiers, or was working in a field (in other words, away from safety through no fault of her own), she would not be at fault. There are… connotations lost to time and cultural evolution. I know it sounds harsh, but that was the culture. We cannot apply our standards to them.
  3. Remember that David and Solomon both had a LOT of troubles due to their lusts. David lost friends, was punished by God and sons killed each other due to his mismanagement of his wives. Solomon caused Isreal to lose the way and offered incense to his Wive’s gods, and this was the same man who was wisest of the earth and who built the temple. I cannot think of a single example of multiple wives happening where having just one wife would solve a LOT of problems. Examples: Samuels’ parents, Abraham, Jacob.


  • To repeat and expand a little: This chart assumes that discrimination happens just because one doesn’t like Gay sex. That is untrue. I would bet that 70% or more of the nation would be disgusted if Gay men would start having sex in front of them, no matter how loving. HOWEVER, the only thing they would do is try to get them to leave, and would not deny service to them. In other words, despite their personal feelings, they would not discriminate against them

I hope that this brings more understanding towards Biblical standards. I have the freedom of speech and despite this mass hysteria about Homosexuality, I will continue to exercise it to the fullest. Read my words, and think on them and maybe we will be wiser for it. Good night, and good luck.