Because I’m a serious man.

I think it’s a given now that Scarred and Tenzo have fallen for each other, though I’m not sure Tenzo’s reasons are… honorable.

Hatton and Masazumi’s duel reaches the end. The reason she was able to avoid the death stabbing last episode is revealed!

Drake and Gin’s (taking over for Naruse) duel reaches the end as well.

Shakespeare confronts Neshinbara about his writing career.

Mito and Walsingham’s duel conclude in what looks like a draw.

Toori and Horizon’s date continues as he gives her a present.

And soon after concludes with Toori’s reinforcement of his former decision to get back her emotions. But not before, a short talk about the aftermath of her death for him.

Tenzo discovers the last secret of Scarred.

And  there we have it, Scarred is officially revealed as Double Bloody Mary. Though I’m still unsure who the lookalike is (Elisabeth, is that you?).

3/3 + 1. Fully expecting the execution sequence to take place within the next two episodes, unless there’s more we need to know…