One of the big dilemmas of the afterbirth.

Looking for the cat left Wakana with a bit of a fever.

WAKANA!! Sick Wakana is sooo cute and adorable <3.

Meanwhile Konatsu and Saya are at the entrance ceremony for the new school year…

Konatsu is a really annoying character, but that’s mainly due to her nosy/in your face persona she has.

The boys discover what it is they were truly lacking…

On the anniversary of her parent’s wedding, she finally confronts her father with the question that has bothered her for years.

I’ve noticed that as well, if I pity someone, then how can I show them anything but the nice side of me?

It’s like I can never show them what I’m truly feeling (not that I wouldn’t be nice normally, but this forces me to be all the time).

I understand that thought as well, if you know you were going to die at X time, you would want to leave your loved ones with happy memories (hopefully).

And everything hits her at once, poor Wakana.

3/3 + 1.