Well, Politics > Woman? (Who am I kidding?)

After a two week break for the London Olympics, it’s back!

Mifuyu centered episode, turns out she has an age complex due to her surgery.

Isara officially joins the campaign team (contrary to what I believed, Yuuki’s full manifesto, whatever it is, wasn’t what convinced her to join him).

Mifuyu seems to harbor feelings towards Yuuki, but her sense of duty to Chisato is preventing any action.

I imagine her mentality is along the lines of, “If Chisato doesn’t get him, none of the other girls will either.”

The festival begins and Yuuki forgets his speech…

Luckily Mifuyu has a copy saved…

Yuuki finds out about some of Chisato’s backroom dealings with his support crew.

Needless to say, it’s quite effective for drawing in Fujoshi and Otaku.

Meanwhile Chifuyu accidentally prints out the WRONG papers, she catches the mistake though. Turns out she has been writing some fiction of her own.

Pretty sure the subject matter is there to strength her Yuuki X Chisato belief so she doesn’t waver.

The Oojima roll is on sale, for 100 yen or so more than the original price…. with package editions as well.


There are also special… “package” versions of the Fujoshi doujinshi.

Mifuyu back in time to save the day!

And her shell seems to crack a little, hearing the confession tons of times from Yuuki didn’t dull it to her heart it looks.

And crisis, Mifuyu gave him the wrong speech!

3/3. I hope Mifuyu’s little mistake didn’t cost Yuuki the election… Now it’s up to him, can he think on the fly?